Set Up A Staff Training Program

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Once you have your staff in place, it’s time to train them to your way of thinking. Schedule a regular training meeting, in addition to your weekly staff meeting. 

At these training meetings you’ll teach them how to deal with customers in a positive manner, suggest better ways to teach students and, most of all – how to make money.

Running a martial arts school can be a lucrative business. Occasionally, however, staff members may have a difficult time with the moneymaking prospects of a martial arts school. 

So, your first order of business will be to help these people learn to feel comfortable with the idea of making money – lots of money – at your school.

First, at about $90 a month, martial arts lessons really don’t cost that much. Not when compared to the cost of many other activities. 

That’s less than $25 a week spent at a craft that not only teaches students to defend themselves, but also helps to build character, discipline, self-esteem and confidence.

Some people spend that much or more eating lunch out everyday.

Sales can be difficult for some people. Therefore, before you hire a staff member, make sure that they feel comfortable – or at least feel that they have the aptitude – to sell customers lessons.

As you’re conducting your training classes, you may consider using role-play as a means to help your staff get comfortable with the process of selling lessons to a variety of customers. 

In addition, you’ll want them to be able to handle customer complaints in a courteous and professional manner; as well as to know what to do if a student is injured while in the studio.

Throughout your training classes, be sure to encourage questions and feedback. Remember there is no such thing as a dumb question. Questions and feedback, oftentimes, help people to absorb information more effectively.