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Action Step #2: Defining Excellent Service

Having given yourself an honest rating, the next step is to define what excellent service means to you. If you know what you’re striving to achieve, then training your staff to get there is all that much easier.

The best way to tackle this project is to break down “excellent” service into easy-to-handle bite-sized chunks.

Think of doing it the same way you would train a student to give a Level 10 kata performance. Each aspect of the kata, from the student snapping her head up when called by the judges, to the way she stands up and adjusts her uniform, to the way she approaches and then addresses the judge’s panel –each small part of the performance creates the overall “Level 10” effect.

To define excellent service in your school, start from the beginning. Get in your car, drive out of your parking lot, go around the block and drive back to your school. Is the visual effect at the front of your school a Level 10?

Then, go through the front door. What would represent a Level 10 reception from your staff? THAT is how and where you can begin your staff-training program.