Designing the Staff Meeting

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Designing the Staff Meeting

On Action Step #1, you rated your own skills as a trainer. If you scored less than a 10, then you need to define the difference between where you are and where you want to be.

What skills do you need to acquire to get to level 10? To break this process into bite sized chunks, like you did your training subjects in Action Step #3, start with the way you plan to conduct your meetings.

Exactly how do you intend to run your first staff training session? How long is the meeting going to be? How are you going to boost the moral of the participants? How can you get your staff to play the “game” full out?

As best I can figure it, I’ve held somewhere between 3000 and 5000 staff meetings over the years. While there are many different types of meetings, when it comes to effective staff-training sessions, I’ve always followed this format:


Prior to the meeting

  • 10 minutes to 30 minutes of preparation.

The General Meeting

  • 10 minutes of a performance review of some sort, focusing on the positive, and allowing for staff members to briefly talk about what went right the night –or week –before. This is also the time to get updates on any small projects the staff is working on.
  • 10 minutes of staff training on a particular subject, with time for some Q & A or feedback.
  • A review of what’s happening that night in classes, in the office and behind the scenes.

After the General Meeting

  • 5 to 7 minutes with Instructors where they tell me their plan for running Level 10 classes that evening. Then sales staff joins in and a person-by-person review of pending sales is reviewed.
  • Any staff members who need more guidance or help meet with me privately.


Of course, this is just one example. This topic is worthy of a report in itself, or a book, and in fact there are plenty of books and training materials on how to conduct excellent meetings and staff training sessions.

The question is, how many of those materials are currently in your library? And how many have you studied? If the answer is “none” or “few,” then your course of action has just become clearer. In the next 7 days, it must become your mission to absorb at least two books or video training tapes on the subject of giving excellent training sessions and/or meetings.