$400 MATA Discounted COBRA-Defense License

COBRA-Defense is THE proven system for creating a six-figure self-defense business. This is not Krav Maga. This is a business not a style. You will have an exclusive territory to teach workshops and seminars in Real Estate Safety, Teen Safe, Anti-Abduction, Active Shooter, Police Academies for Civilians and many more HIGH demand programs.

No experience or even a location is required. We will teach you everything. MATA members receive a $400 discount off the COBRA license fee.

$400 MATA Discount

Martial Arts School Website

No Contracts. No set up fee.

  1. We are the most service focused web company for your school. We typically respond within hours, not days.
  2. We are the best value for your school. When you get a website with MATA, you get the MATA-Pro membership.
  3. We understand the financial pressures of running a school and always work to find a way to give you more for a lower price point than anyone else.
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