Summer Income from School Sports Teams

To increase your summer income, consider offering Fitness Kickboxing classes, or customized team training sessions aimed at enhancing middle school and high school athletes sports skills.

Examine your schedule and decide when the best times are for you to offer team training.  During the summer, you may have free time in the morning or early afternoon that you’d like to fill. You could offer a discount to join a class already on your schedule that has available space, but that should be a last choice. The idea is to create a customized class for the entire sports team.

Start by making a target list of area schools. Phone the schools and get information as to what sports teams they have.  Also, get the coaches’ names, ‘ addresses, and phone numbers.

Referring to your contact list and the various sport teams on it, write down a list of benefits the athletes in each individual sport would gain by participating in your program.  For example:

*Wrestlers: increase agility, speed, strength, while making it easy to control their weight. 

 *Cheerleaders:  enhance flexibility, build muscle strength and tone, agility, and keep body fat low.

Next, write the team coach a professional letter and be sure to provide information on your school, benefits, available class times, financial incentives, and deadlines. 

After your letters have gone out, make follow-up calls several days later to make sure that the coaches have received your information. Find out if they have an interest in your school, or in a customized training program for their athletes. Remind them that the offer is on a first come, first serve basis. Also, resell them on any incentives and perks you have offered. Remember to always be positive and polite no matter what response you get. 

Additional Tips:

Consider offering your services to only one type of sports team in your area. It can be powerful to announce that you work exclusively with one wrestling team, one cheerleading group, etc. 

Also, think about donating a portion of the tuition you generate from working with the team back to them. This is a great way to show your support for your community.