Summer Time is Fitness Time!

See More Martial Arts Marketing and Management for Summer Camps
See More Martial Arts Marketing and Management for Summer Camps

Summer is coming!  What is normally a downtime for martial arts schools, can now be the busiest time thanks to Empower Boxing™. There is not a better time to promote your Empower Boxing™ program than the summer. Unlike your traditional martial arts program, your Empower Boxing™ classes should grow during the summer months. 

Why? Again, we are talking about two totally different markets. Your traditional martial arts program probably has more children in it than adults. What do children get during the summer? Eight to ten weeks of vacation from school. Because of this, the family vacation and trips are scheduled around this time of year, so many of your students leave for the summer or for at least part of it. Many of your kids will leave town and may be gone for the entire summer. As a result, our classes and usually our income shrink during the summer. 

New martial arts students are less likely to make a commitment during the summer because they may plan on leaving town at some point during the summer for their vacation. How many times have you heard families say, “We will enroll when we get back from vacation.”? This all happens because most conventional martial arts programs are marketed to the family, regardless if you have one child training or the entire family. All training decisions are a family decision.

Now lets take a look at the average Empower Boxing™ student. A Empower Boxing™ student is most likely to be a young adult, not married and with very few family obligations. They work full time and do not get an extensive vacation like kids do. They will most likely be present for the entire summer. 

These students are in Empower Boxing™ to get in better shape. They want to feel better and, most of all, to look better. When do adults want to look their best?  You guessed it!  In the summertime. Adults are thinking about how they are going to look in their bathing suits this summer and will spend a lot of money and work very hard  to achieve that look. Most gyms experience a upswing during the summer months and so can you. Gyms go out of their way to promote the “lets get fit this summer” image and you should to.

How can we capitalize on the summer market?  I recommend spending a little more on advertising and really working hard on getting the word out. Make it easy for people to get involved in your program this summer. Have a summer special. I recommend six weeks of training for $69 to $99 (depending on your market). This should include gloves and hand wraps. 

You will want to point out the many health benefits associated with Empower Boxing™. Highlight the fact that “Muscle and Fitness” magazine rated aerobic kickboxing as the fastest way to burn calories in one hour. According to the magazine, Empower Boxing™ is burns more calories than aerobics, running and weight lifting. Most of all, you’re learning an important skill at the same time. Empower Boxing™ is the most complete workout you can get in one hour. Empower Boxing™ is a total body conditioning workout. These are the points you want to make about your program this summer. 

 Set a goal for your staff to sell fifty Empower Boxing™ summer programs within a two month period and develop some kind of bonus for them if they reach it.  Make sure that everyone, your staff and your students, has free class passes to give to their friends. You may want to have a open-house for Empower Boxing™ with demonstrations and free classes. Put together a demonstration team and go out to the summer events in your area in order to show them what a fun workout Empower Boxing™ can be. 

The summer “Let’s Get Back in Shape” attitude that is promoted by the fitness industry comes only once a year, so take advantage of it. Promote, promote, promote. What is usually a downtime for martial arts schools can be the best time of the year for your Empower Boxing™ classes.