Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Active Shooter Training Likely Saved Lives

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Active Shooter Training Likely Saved Lives

New York City – A doctor who was forced to resign from Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center shot and killed another doctor and injured six other staff members on Friday, June 30, 2017.

Fortunately, hospital staff had prior active shooter response training which they applied during the shooting. The shooting is being investigated as a case of workplace violence.

According to active shooter trainer Chris Sutton, the hospital’s investment in employee safety paid off. Sutton says, “The best way to prepare for an active shooter is to prepare for an active shooter with expert training. Too many people think it will never happen to them.”

Sutton also says that there may have been signs that the shooter was a potential threat. “From the news reports, he was forced to resign based on sex-harassment allegations. His picture should have been circulated at all restricted entrances so security would have stopped him from getting access to his targets. Good active shooter training starts with threat assessment and prevention.”

The shooter, 45-year-old Dr. Henry Bello, hid a AR-15 he was carrying under his lab coat and walked past security using his employee badge to enter Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center. When Bello learned that his target wasn’t there, he opened fire anyway, killing another doctor. Six others were injured during the attack, having been shot in the head, chest or abdomen. The suspect then attempted to set himself on fire and then fatally shot himself.
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