How to Become the Recognized Bully Expert in Your Town

If you want your school to stand out and integrate deeper into your community, you must become a master of hosting, promoting, and teaching great seminars year-round. This is one of the early steps I take clients through in our coaching program. 

Why events? Because they work. A well promoted and presented seminar or interactive workshop creates buzz for your school like nothing else. Events can attract high-quality traffic into your school including community leaders, friends of your current students, and even the media. They also generate school pride.

With the targeting power of Facebook, it’s never been easier to promote events in your school. In some cases, you will be the instructor, in others, it’s best to have a special guest instructor. Why? Because guest instructors create excitement among your student body and the media.

For instance, on October 15th, I’m teaching an Anti-Bullying Seminar in St. Pete for one of our coaching clients. He could teach it, but by promoting me as the teacher it makes the event seem more exciting. We’re promoting the event in his school and on Facebook to all former students and prospects plus people who “look like” them in his zip codes. That’s the power of Facebook. We’re enrolling people every day.

Looking at a calendar, it’s not hard to plan to host and teach a seminar every six weeks or so. Look for National Days, Weeks, and Months that you can tie your event to.

Here are some examples for the first four months of 2017.


January – Free Fitness Kickboxing Workout Day

Help people kick off the New Year.


February 8th – National Boy Scouts Day

Host a special self-defense seminar for Boy and Girl Scouts


March – National Nutrition Month

Invite some local nutritionist, weight loss, chiropractic clinics etc.. to come in and make short presentations. Have a best tasting healthy recipe contest. 


April – Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Promote an anti-sexual assault seminar. Bring in a local counselor or someone to add some weight to the presentation.

Walk America. Get your students participating in Walk America.

Anti Abduction and Bully Video

The Lower Leg Anchor to Prevent Child Abduction

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This helps prevent a child abduction by not making it hard to get dragged into a car. The child quickly becomes “more trouble” than the abductor wanted. 

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the number of kidnappings by strangers is 115 per year, according to 2002 data. A much larger number of children, about 200,000, are victims of “family abductions.” But this includes instances where a child remains in the custody of a family member in violation of a custody agreement.


The Bully Action Plan Law Enforcement Based Program Details

How to Become a Recognized Bullying Expert by Your Governor

Over 13-million people will be bullied in school. Here is your chance to help them with this fantastic, life-changing anti-bullying seminar that you can offer for pay or for free.

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How to Become a Recognized Bullying Expert by Your Governor 

“After meeting with the Lt. Gov. of Iowa and I am going to be used as an expert and be on the forefront of what’s going on in Iowa’s bully fight. We are also going to work with the Iowa Department of Education. The plan is to have Cobra Anti-Bully Action Plan into all 351 school districts in 3 years. 

“Our families have had phenomenal success using the Cobra program and they wanted all families in Iowa to share in the success. Thank you for such a powerful anti-bully program!”

Amy Ratekin, Iowa Spirit Tae Kwon Do

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Teaching a non-violent anti-bully program in your community is a great way to expand your presence and create notoriety for yourself and your school.

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