Training Staff Members as Martial Arts Summer Camp Coaches

Martial Arts Summer Camp Staff Training

See More Martial Arts Marketing and Management for Summer Camps See All Staff Development Articles and Files. Tip #1 Priority number-one is to build rapport with campers and their parents. All staff needs to shake hands, make eye contact and learn names of campers and their parents. The goal is to make campers feel comfortable and their parents confident that they’ve made the right choice in enrolling their children in our camp. Tip #2 Avoid negative statements. Focus on the positive. Be patient and kind. This is not a military school –but there will be periods of time when training when a certain degree of discipline is expected, it should be done with a smile. Tip # 3 All staff is trained to avoid being alone with campers in offices, locker rooms or any other area where they’re out of the direct sight of other campers or coaches. Tip #4 All coaches should have stickers, prizes and snacks they can distribute for good behavior throughout the day. The job is to catch campers “doing things right” and reward them for good behaviors. Tip #5 All coaches and helpers line up and greet parents and campers both at the beginning of each day and when the campers depart. Our goals is to show team unity and a level of interaction and involvement with our campers that is above and beyond the norm. Tip #6 Have fun and be a great role model of behavior, language and enthusiasm.
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