3 Reasons to Host a Summer Camp

3 Reasons to Host a Summer Camp

3 Reasons to Host a Martial Arts Summer Camp

3 Reasons to Host a Summer Camp

While regular martial arts classes can dip in attendance over the summer with students going on vacations, there are still plenty of families that need a safe, structured place for their children to be at Monday – Friday. Here are three strong reasons why to promote and host a summer camp. 1. Tuition Income According to Care.com, the average rate for a sports camp ranges from $500 – $1,000 per week. On the lower end, a summer camp hosted by the local community recreation center can be a little as $50 per week. Most martial arts schools range from $75 – $275 per week for an 8 – 10-week summer camp. Here is what the income potential is for a $149 per week camp. This doesn’t include snacks, exam fees, uniforms, and sparring gear.

Weekly tuition   Students         Weekly tuition    Weeks                Total Tuition $149.00                      10                      $1,490.00            10                      $14,900.00 $149.00                      15                      $2,235.00            10                      $22,350.00 $149.00                      20                      $2,980.00            10                      $29,800.00 $149.00                      25                      $3,725.00            10                      $37,250.00 $149.00                      30                      $4,470.00            10                      $44,700.00 $149.00                      35                      $5,215.00            10                      $52,150.00 $149.00                      40                      $5,960.00            10                      $59,600.00 $149.00                      45                      $6,705.00            10                      $67,050.00 $149.00                      50                      $7,450.00            10                      $74,500.00

2. Feed Your After-School Program. One of the main reasons schools host summer camps is that a high percentage of the kids in the camp will transfer into your after-school program. 3. Massive Retention If you host an exciting summer camp, you have a great chance of enrolling the kids into your after-school or regular evening classes. However, there is a big difference in retention. Evening/standard classes struggle to keep kids for even 8 – 12 months. However, because an after-school program is structured to be part of the weekday routine, the kids stay with the program for years. It’s not uncommon for kids to stay with your after-school program for 5 – 8 years. They just get used to it like going to school each day.

See 7 Videos on How to Run a Successful Martial Arts Summer Camp with Jim King.

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Martial Arts Summer Camp Ad Copy

Martial Arts Summer Camp Ad Copy

Looking for a fun summer camp that will teach your children valuable martial arts skills while they enjoy a safe, encouraging atmosphere? 

Our martial arts summer camps offer an action-packed combination of martial arts instruction, character building life-skills, self-defense, fitness, and fun.

Our staff is committed to making sure your child has a fun and safe summer with us while learning the most effective martial arts available.

If you have a child age between the ages of 6 and 13 year old, then get him or her involved in our Martial Arts Summer Camp.

Your child will gain confidence, discipline, respect for others and learn life skills that will help shape him or her into a stronger adult.

 Our team knows that every child is an individual who has his or her own pace of learning and physical development.

Parents are welcome to visit and observe our kids’ summer camps — we look forward to getting to know all of you!

Our camp will:

  • Increase your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve your child’s focus and self-discipline, leading to better behavior and better grades
  • Provide your child with the skills and self-confidence to stand up to bullies and to avoid peer pressure
  • Improve your child’s fitness level and athletic ability, while providing a constructive outlet for their youthful energy
  • Provide your child with valuable, battle tested, real-world self-defense skills
  • Build life skills that your child will have for the rest of their life

Holiday Camps 

We also have different camps throughout the year. When school is out, we are in! 

Our Karate Kids live the adventure!  From Karate training at all levels, weapons, Character, Life Skills, Games, Traditional Play Time, Stranger Identification and Awareness and so much more! 

The only bored you’ll hear about is the board they get to break!  

Contact us now about our camps.

Martial Arts Summer Camp or Weekend Retreat?

Martial Arts Summer Camp or Weekend Retreat?

Summer is usually a slower time for martial arts schools. Kids are getting out of school, and business tends to slow down a bit for school owners. If you’re up for the challenge, however, summer also presents an opportunity for school owners to profit by hosting a summer camp.

Parents are always looking for a way to cut the boredom of those long summer days for their kids. And, kids are always looking for a way to have fun, hang out with their friends, and experience new adventures. In fact, according to a recent article printed in Inc. Magazine, more than 5 million kids attend an estimated 8,500 day and overnight youth camps nationwide each summer.

Hard work? Yes. Profitable? You bet. Many school owners say, that by hosting a successful camp, or series of camps, they earn anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000.

The two main choices are a Martial Arts Summer Camp and a Weekend Retreat.

Get Prepared

First, the key to hosting a successful summer camp is to be prepared. Of course, this isn’t going to be a Marine boot camp, so plan to have challenging, enjoyable activities mixed in with a healthy dose of free time that the kids can use to just hang out.

Don’t forget to include Murphy’s Law in your planning. In a group of kids, if it can happen… it will. Be sure to have a contingency plan for any emergency.

The Six-Week Camp
Let’s begin with selecting a camp supervisor. Preferably this would be you or someone from within your school. If that’s not possible, you’ll need to interview extensively to find someone who works well with children, has experience working with groups of children, and whose ideas of discipline and control are similar to your own. Make sure the person you hire is someone that you feel comfortable with.

The martial arts instructor needs to be very good. Remember your ultimate goal is to convince camp attendees to enroll in your school program. So you’ll want to have good representation in this area.

Leadership teens make excellent, enthusiastic assistants and mentors—and will work for minimum wage. You should have a minimum of one supervisor to every eight students. Labor costs should not exceed 30 percent of your gross intake.

Finally, you’ll want to hire a bus and driver to provide transportation.

Weekend Retreat
While everything is on a smaller scale at the weekend retreat, a couple rules still apply. For instance, your student to supervisor ratio should not exceed 5 to 1; and your labor costs should not exceed 30 percent of the gross.

Each leader, wearing a colored t-shirt, is provided with a schedule of activities, whistle, digital watch, clipboard, and their team’s roster. Walkie-talkies or headsets are particularly handy when attempting to communicate among group leaders, camp supervisors and maintenance personnel.

Again, you’ll need to hire a bus and driver to transport the kids, volunteers, and parents to and from camp.

Running the Numbers on a Martial Arts Summer Camp

Running the Numbers on Martial Arts Summer Camps

These figures are hypothetical for a three day camp example:
Number of students planning to attend: 125

Camp charge per student: $50

Total cost for facility: $6,250

You have seven instructors at your disposal at no charge. However, with 125 students attending, you’ll need to hire at least eight more instructors at $75 per day, which equals $600.

Total cost so far is $6,850 plus $500 for incidental cost equals $7,350. Divide that by the number of students attending, and cost per student comes out to $58.80. If you charge $150 for a three day camp, your profit on 125 attendees will be $91.20 per student.

Gross revenue $150 x 125 = $18,750

Expenses $58.80 x 125 = $7,350

Profit = $11,400 or $91.20 per attendee

To figure the expenses and profit on a five-day camp, just update the numbers and follow the same formula.

What If a Kid Wants to Go But Can’t Afford It?

As we all know, coming up with the money to let your child go on a three- or five-day camp can be challenging. However, with a dash of resourcefulness, a pinch of hard work, and a couple of handfuls of persistence, your students may be able to reduce their cost to a more reasonable amount. The recipe for success is called “fundraising.”

Before you begin, you’ll need to form a strategic fundraising plan. Set a monetary goal that you would like to reach. For instance, if you’d like to get the cost per student down to $50 each, you’ll have to raise $13,375. That’s $107 that each student will need to raise.

Choose three or four fundraising methods you think would go over well in your area, and time them in such a way that it doesn’t seem like you’re pestering folks to buy something every other week. Here are some fundraising ideas that, hopefully, can help raise enough money to offset student expenses.

School yard sale

This can be held in your school parking lot. Students and their families donate items to sell. And, aside from the cost of advertising the sale in the local paper, there are no other expenses to this venture.

Pot Luck Dinner Party
Put on your chef’s hat for this one. This has great potential, however, it requires extensive planning and coordination for it to be successful. Your first step will be to find a facility that can accommodate this particular activity. A local church may be willing to help out. Once you find the facility, you’ll need to begin ticket sales. Advance ticket sales are important, as they will help you to determine how much food to prepare.

Parents may want to get together to donate the meals, drinks, and desserts. They may even donate the paper plates, cups, napkins, etc. You can play a fun martial arts movie like The Three Ninjas after dinner. Everyone knows it’s a party to raise money for the camp. You might even auction off some private lesson with you.

Cooking and cleaning would be all that is really required of the students.

Have a little brainstorming session with your staff and students, and you’re bound to come up with even more great ideas.

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