Checking In

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Facebook Check In

Facebook Check In is just one of many reasons you must have a mobile- friendly website. 

For local businesses, Facebook is an advertising tool, and should not be underestimated. Through the check-in process, customers promote your business to their friends across Facebook.

That check-in tells the world where you are shopping, eating, visiting or doing as it relates to a local business. Smart businesses are using the check-in tool to promote in real time.

For instance, I took my kids to a huge trampoline playhouse. AsI checked in at the counter, the associate told me that if I checked in on Facebook she would give me a scratch-off card with various prizes on it. I did, and we got $3 off our pizza.

With minimal effort, I did the marketing for them by telling my Facebook community that I was at this place at this moment. Probably more appropriate for a gym or restaurant than an attorney’s office, but every business should keep an eye on what people are posting about it.

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