Evaluating Your Competitors

If your school is not at #1, someone is getting 40% of all that traffic for themselves. Your Competitor! 

The #2 spot is getting 25%. 

The top four spots take 90% of all the traffic!

Knowing what school is where, and what they’ve done, helps you put together your strategy.

Follow these steps.

  1. Grab your Keyword Research from the last module.  It should be sorted and prioritized.
  2. Go to Google.com.  Set your location to your company’s zip code (found on left hand column).  Make sure you are LOGGED OUT of Google so that this is a pure search. In your browser, choose New Private Window or New Incognito Window depending on your browser so the search does NOT reference any past searches you’ve done.
  3. Search for your top 4 or 5 keywords. 
  4. Make note of the top rankings. Any companies consistently showing up in top 4 spots?  Notice any trends?
  5. Write your competitors web addresses on your Analysis Report.

Once we’ve determined who our top five competitors are, we can begin analyzing their business online. 

Truth is, in most cases it doesn’t matter, because most companies leave a lot of room for improvement today.

This education will help you evaluate your competitors once you begin.  For now, it’s important to know who they are.