Five Direct Mail Mistakes

By: Michael J. Dolpies

Deadly Mistake # 1


Yes trust, just like any business transaction or investment you need to be careful of who you trust. Here’s what I mean. Just like you must get all the facts before you invest in someone, something, or a business. You must get all the facts before you take a gamble on direct mail. Then it won’t be a gamble!

You must educate yourself and become competent at copy writing, layout, and how to structure an offer! The services and agencies out there in our industry usually get by offering fancy looking mail pieces at discounted prices.

My audio guide that comes with my Quick Karate Sales Letters Program basically gives you a “crash course” that took me years to learn! I don’t mean to brag but you need this before you begin.

Incidentally, here’s how the agencies and printers can give you good pricing.

They Make Mistake # 2

Mailing anything less than first class.

I know bulk is cheaper, but ya know what, you have no clue if it’s gonna get there or not! Bulk mail is the first to be discarded by the post office employees who’d rather work less! Bulk mail takes longer to get where you need it to go.

Remember this, First class is worth it!

Man oh man I wish someone did this for me a few years back when I first began using direct mail:

Deadly Mistake # 3

Improper Use of Lists.

If you purchase a list from Info USA for example this is cold list. But, your lists of prospects that have come in before or expressed interest are warm and need to be communicated with differently. Make sure you are updating your list and adding prospects who fail to enroll to it through out the year.

A warm list is better than a cold list anyday.

Deadly Mistake # 4

Not following this Check List.

Include all essential information in you’re a mail piece including directions, map, phone number, and website. Don’t leave any of these out! Are you assuming the reader is familiar with me? Coca Cola can assume familiarity you cannot! Don’t assume for a second just because you’ve been round for a while❠that people know who you are.

Make it a direct response ad rather than an image ad. Create a reason to respond even if the person is not ready to take action now! It can be a free report or further information. Just remember not everyone is ready to act now. But you need a way to help the people that are not ready take one step closer. 

Deadly Mistake # 5

One Shot Mailing

This is one of the deadliest! When you begin planning your direct mail campaign make sure that you plan to do at least three steps over no more than a five week span! Three is the minimum! So when you budget make sure you budget 3 or more steps to make a sequence!

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