Sample Lesson Plan for Little Dragons

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Message of the Week🙁 In a circle or gathered around instructor)

Sharing – what is sharing? (Let class raise hands and take several answers) Who can you share with?  How does sharing help someone else? What can you share?

2 min.

Warm ups- Follow the leader; ( you or an assistant) You may run around the room, do slow jumping jacks,  touch different body parts, crawl over or under things, run in slow motion, etc. Make it fun! 3 min.

Teach jab punch in front of mirror in slow motion 6 on each side 1 min

Teach jab punch one time slow, one time fast 6 sets on each side 1min

Teach slow back hand punch (reverse punch) 6 sets each side 1 min

Teach slow back hand punch, fast back hand punch 6 sets each side. 1 min.

*You may have the kids punch through the center of a “frisbee like” flyer. (The center of the circle is cut out.) This is good for focus.

Use a bodyshield for  various strikes. Have the kids get in a circle and when you call their names they go to the center of the circle, find the target and fire the techniques on it.

Round one: jab, cross 10  slow sec. each child

Round two: grab the target and knee strike it. 10 sec. each child

Round three: Front kick the target 10 sec. each child

* Have all of the kids count with you to ten,  out loud. With 8 kids in class this drill may take about 10 minutes.

Practice low and high blocks vs. the blockers or noodles.

Line kids up side by side. Have them practice low blocks with you for a minute and the same with high blocks.  Let them know that you are going to randomly sneak up on them and they have to block your attack.

Round one: low attack ( really wind up so they see it coming)

Round two: high attack ( once again really make it obvious that it is coming)

Round three: swing at their feet and have them jump over.

Round four: mix up all of the attacks at a fast pace.

6 minutes

Clean up time and line up for summary of message and announcements.

Make sure to give high fives after class, stickers, energy (clapping), etc.