Premier Martial Arts Franchise Cost vs Licensing Empower Kickboxing Fee

Premier Martial Arts Franchise Cost vs Licensing Empower Kickboxing Fee

Why risk your life savings in a franchise when you can license a successful system for less than 1% of the cost? How does that make any sense?

Premier Martial Arts Franchise cost ranges from:

 $183,650 – $421,800



Empower Kickboxing® license fee at:

$149 a month or $1,485 annually

IMPORTANT MATH: The $183k PMA cost equals 124 years of Empower Kickboxing fees.

Empower Kickboxing® is just $149 a month and includes a custom website! That is one student’s tuition per month. 

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“I recommend Empower Kickboxing to anyone who wants to improve their school. It includes a modern martial arts curriculum, teaching instruction, business systems, website, social media promotions, and more. Everything you need to run a modern martial arts school in one complete program. It has improved my school tremendously.”
Don Martinez

Owner, Victory Martial Arts Academy

“My students totally love the Empower Kickboxing Curriculum! I love it too! Your simplified business model is really working for me and I look forward to many more years of working with you!”
Brown’s Karate Studio
Angleton, TX
Brock Brown

Owner, Brown’s Karate Studio

Does Teaching Martial Arts Like This Make Any Sense?

Does Teaching Martial Arts Like This Make Any Sense?


Martial arts does not encourage free-thinking, but the pursuit of success requires it.

Most classes contradict everything they taught in the first half of class.

Which half of a martial arts class makes sense?

First Half of Class During Kata 

Pull your hands to your hip!

Lock your legs in a deep stance!

Aim your punch!

Hold your punch out for form!

Chin up!

Square your body.

Shoulders back for good form.

Double punch to the head & groin.

Square block to stop two attacks.

Second Half of Class During Sparring

Get your hands up!

Get your legs under you so you can move!

Don’t telegraph your punches!

Snap your punch back to guard ASAP!

Tuck your chin!

Turn sideways to protect your center line!

Pull your shoulders up to shield your jaw!

You’re kidding me, right?

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

How can a school advertise that they teach self-defense yet not allow head contact when sparring? That’s the most common attack in a street fight!

The reason is that most schools lack a system to teach students how to defend their heads.

Most schools spend the first half of class teaching, drilling, and instilling theoretical traditional karate defensive skills. 

Then the second half of the class contradicts the first half.

In real life or sparring, who crosses their arms and then steps forward to block a front kick to the groin with a front stance-down block?

I taught just like that for years until I started to question these skills.

This lesson from this chapter of the MATA Certification Program is on How To Teach Sparring So Your Students Don’t Drop Out.

Here is an easy-to-teach and easy-to-learn curriculum that applies everything I’m talking about in one white to black belt program. Just click the logo.


Empower Kickboxing logo

What is Empower Kickboxing?

What is Empower Kickboxing?

martial arts curriculum

Term One

Click the Button to See Class Structure

Class Structure

You’re welcome to modify this as you wish.

Minutes 1-10: Open / Self Defense

(Short tips and quick escapes for modules 1-3.

This segment may be different for kids than adults.

11 – 21 Warm-Up

12 minutes

30-seconds each exercise

21 – 31 Teach / Review (Yak)

10 minutes

31 – 45 Drills (Smack)

45-50 Cool Down


Cool down / Life skill

1 Year = 3 Terms

1 Term = 4 Modules

Each Module = 8 Classes

1. Martial Arts

3. Weapons

2. Kickboxing

4. Self-Defense

Empower Kickboxing Promo Videos

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Marketing Video 1

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Marketing Video 3

[video_popup url=”″ text=”Stop Dreaming. Start Doing.”]

Marketing Video 2

[video_popup url=”″ text=”Be Savage. Not Average.”]

Marketing Video 4

[video_popup url=”″ text=”The Road to Black Belt.”]

Empower Kickboxing Curriculum

Curriculum Delivery

[video_popup url=”″ text=”Curriculum Delivery”]

First Lesson

[video_popup url=”″ text=”First Lesson-Empower Kickboxing”]

In Action

[video_popup url=”″ text=”Mark Moore Empower Kickboxing NJ”]

Preview: Member Zone

[video_popup url=”″ text=”Preview: Empower Kickboxing Member Zone”]

Curriculum Structure

[video_popup url=”″ text=”Empower Kickboxing Curriculum Structure”]

Class Structure

[video_popup url=”″ text=”Curriculum Structure”]

Empower Kickboxing vs Traditional 

Blocks vs Traditional Blocks

[video_popup url=”″ text=”Blocks vs Traditional Blocks”]

The Foundation Skills

[video_popup url=”″ text=”Foundation Skills”]

Warm-Ups Overview

[video_popup url=”” text=”Warm-Ups Overview”]

Warm Up Structure

[video_popup url=”″ text=”Warm Up Structure”]

Find Out More at

2 Ways to Teach Upper Elbow. Which Do You Like?

Do you think in the post COVID world, people are going to have the patience to spend 3 – 4 years to get competent at your martial arts style?

Pre-COVID, we were already in an “everything I want is just 1-click away” world.

This is a typically outdated and overly complicated presentation of an important skill. Most instructors who are still teaching this way are simply doing what they were taught. I am not trying to embarrass anyone. I did the same for decades.

But the truth is that these kinds of traditional skill presentations are full of smoke and mirrors and founded in folly.

1. It’s the black belt in a gi with stripes.
2. It’s the bowing in just to demo a skill that creates an “aura of authority.”
3. It’s the silly fake punch attack that a regular person would buy into, but we SHOULD know better.

That is all smoke and mirrors.

I don’t blame anyone. I’m just trying to open your eyes to see what is REALLY going on.

These skills were developed in a vacuum in a small village in an Asian country nearly 100 years ago. They did the best they could do at the time.

1. No collaboration with international experts.
2. No video to share and study.
3. Many skills are based on animal movements rather than real experience. Monkey kung fu?

It’s fine if this was a historical demo of, “How they used to do this in the 1930s in Japan…” But, it’s not. It’s presented as being valuable for self-defense in 2020. That puts us all in a sideshow.

I used to teach the same stuff, so I get it. I just want to help instructors move into the present and release the baggage of our collective traditional past.

This could be anyone teaching the same stuff, so I’m not faulting anyone. I’d like to help move us out of the mystery and mysticism that clouds our reality and perpetuates bad info.

There is an alternative.

martial arts curriculum log

There is a better way

Martial Arts Student Retention in the COVID-19 Era

Martial Arts Instructors
Have Some Big Decisions to Make

In order to enhance martial arts student retention in the COVID-19 era, smart instructors realize that they have to provide INSTANT VALUE for their students.

Here’s an example:

Some of you may have heard of just in case learning vs just in time learning.

Typically, it’s applied to getting a university degree vs going into business right out of high school, which is what I did.

Just in Time Learning

Just in time learning is the specific-education that focuses on the topics one needs to learn related to a business or hobby.

For instance, marketing, management, and teaching skills are immediately applicable to launching your martial arts school.

You learn them just in time and apply them immediately.

Just in Case Learning

Just in case learning is like the padded academia that helps a student become a well-rounded, educated person.

This is a person who is prepared, just in case, someone asks about the evolution of Western European art.

Traditional martial arts are classic just in case learning. So much of an early student’s experience in class is spent learning all kinds of just in case skills.

They are taught traditional blocks that violates every rule of defense. The centerline is exposed. The chin is up. The hands are on the hip or stuck in a clunky position that is held in a pose to show good form.

The instructor explains that “You’d never really block like this but keep practicing and you’ll understand when you get to black belt.”

That is a disservice to the student.

Students DO NOT want stylized representations of self-defense and fighting. They want real skills they can use TODAY, not three years from now.

That is why I created Empower Kickboxing™ as an easy Student Centric Martial Arts Curriculum.

I took the most effective, applicable, and easy to learn skills from self-defense, martial arts, kickboxing, weapons, and grappling so that students get the INSTANT VALUE that is missing from traditional martial arts.

These are just in time skills. Not just in case.

Each Empower Kickboxing class includes:

1. Bow in / Meditation

2. Quick martial arts history lesson

2. Self-defense

3. Vigorous warm-up

4. Teaching segment (martial arts, kickboxing, weapons, or grappling)

5. Pad or partner drills

6. Cool down with Life Skill lesson

This is why every week, schools are joining Empower Kickboxing to get access to the lesson plans, marketing, and direct support from me.

Take a look at a couple of sample lesson plans. You’ll see a design for fast-paced exciting classes that students enjoy and look forward to.

What are you teaching? Just in time or just in case?

See Sample Empower Kickboxing Lesson Plans