Easy Way to Get More Google Reviews for Your Martial Arts School

Why don’t your students write reviews for Your Martial Arts School?


 (a) never think about it

(b) forget to do it

(c) don’t know where or how to do it.

Most of us have no idea how to send a link to students to post a review on your Google My Business (GMB) page. 

I will show you how to direct students to review you on Google with one click. In fact, when they click through, if you set it up right, it will DEFAULT to a 5-star review (contact us for help if you need it.)

Okay now, just like Bruce Lee said, “You must focus….”

You must focus your reviews on two sites. Google and Facebook. Why? Google loves Google. They do not love Yelp or Manta etc… 

You are much better off sending 100 students to review you on Google and Facebook rather than send them out into 10 different sites and watering down the results.

75 5-star reviews on Google is easy to see on one single page.

75 5-star reviews spread across ten different sites is not something anyone will ever see or be impressed by.

 The flip side is that Facebook is Google’s worse nightmare. Yelp is not.

Facebook is where your ideal decision makers spend a ton of time each day. Yelp is not. That’s why you have to include Facebook in your review strategy.

I promised a way for you to send your students a direct link to review you and here it is.

Google Review Link

Again, if you need help setting this up, just let us know.