300 Questions for a Job Interview

300+ Questions for a Job Interview

  1. Why did you decide to apply for this position?
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  3. List three of your most important/proudest accomplishments.
  4. What kind of work environment do you prefer?
  5. What motivates you? ALSO Have you used these motivators with others?
  6. How are you qualified for this job?
  7. What supervisory or management experience have you had?
  8. How would you characterize your supervisory style?
  9. The person in this position needs to be innovative and proactive. Can you describe some things you have done to demonstrate these qualities?
  10. How would you rate your communication skills and what have you done to improve them?
  11. What else besides your school and job experience qualifies you for this job?
  12. What have you read lately, and what are you reading now?
  13. While this position involves some specific skills (language, computer, administration, etc.), it is more of a generalist position. How do you feel that your background fits into this?
  14. What are the personal characteristics and qualities that you would bring to this position that would be particularly helpful in fulfilling the responsibilities of this position?
  15. Tell us about yourself.
  16. Do you prefer to work independently or as part of a team?
  17. What appeals to you about this position and/or this company?
  18. What are some aspects of your present (or most recent) position that you like?
  19. Why do you want to leave your current job?
  20. Why do you want to leave your current employer so soon?
  21. What are some aspects of your present (or most recent) position that you dislike?
  22. Have you ever been in the position to fire anyone? Why did you fire that person?
  23. What do you know about this job.
  24. Have you ever received a grade lower than expected? What did you do about it?
  25. How do you deal with pressure situations?
  26. How do you deal with surprises?
  27. How do you deal with tension?
  28. How well do you work under a deadline?
  29. How well do you work under pressure?
  30. Is there anything you haven’t revealed that would affect our decision?
  31. Tell me about a time you had a problem with decisiveness.
  32. What are some things you had planned to accomplish that were not carried out?
  33. What are your pet peeves?
  34. What do you least like about writing a term paper?
  35. What is your biggest professional challenge?
  36. What job experiences have angered you?
  37. What mistakes might we make in hiring you?
  38. What types of things make you angry?
  39. Why aren’t you making more money with all this background?
  40. Why do you want to work in a job for which you are overqualified?
  41. Why is your grade point average so low?
  42. Why were you in school for so long?
  43. You’ve been with your current employer for a very short time. Is this an indication that you’ll be moving around a lot throughout your career?
  44. You’ve changed jobs quite frequently, what assurances do we have that you will stay with us?
  45. Have you been asked to resign?
  46. Have you ever been asked to resign?
  47. Have you ever been demoted?
  48. Have you ever been denied a promotion?
  49. Have you ever been fired for reasons that seem unfair?
  50. Have you ever been fired?
  51. Have you ever been laid off?
  52. Have you ever been rejected?
  53. Have you ever been turned down for a promotion?
  54. Have you ever laid off anyone?
  55. What did you do during the gap in your employment history?
  56. Why did you leave your last job?
  57. Why did you leave your last job?
  58. Why do you want to leave your current job?
  59. Why do you want to leave your current employer so soon?
  60. Why do you want to leave your job if you like it so much?
  61. Why have you been out of work for so long?
  62. Why haven’t you accepted a job yet?
  63. Why haven’t you been hired yet?
  64. Why haven’t you found work yet?
  65. Why is there a large gap in your employment history?
  66. Why were you let go?
  67. How was your last performance review?
  68. How were you evaluated in your last job?
  69. What were the results of your last performance appraisal?
  70. What’s the biggest mistake you can recall making?
  71. Have you ever had a communication- problem with anyone?
  72. Have you ever lost your temper?
  73. Have you ever openly criticized someone else?
  74. Have you ever worked with someone you didn’t like?
  75. In the past, how have you dealt with co-workers who have disagreed with you?
  76. Tell me about the last time you got angry on the job.
  77. Tell me about the time when someone has lost his/her temper at you in a business environment.
  78. Tell me about your last situation with an unhappy customer? What did you do?
  79. What bothers you?
  80. What did you dislike about your previous company?
  81. What did you dislike about your supervisor?
  82. What did you dislike most about your previous job?
  83. What kinds of people do you have problems working with?
  84. What types of people seem to rub you the wrong way?
  85. Did your former employer have any policies that you consider unfair?
  86. Have you ever been discriminated against or treated unfairly?
  87. Have you ever intentionally deceived someone?
  88. Have you ever used drugs?
  89. How did you resolve the last moral dilemma you faced?
  90. How do you react when your honesty is questioned?
  91. How would you deal with a subordinate who violated a company policy?
  92. How would you react to a situation in which a fellow employee confided in you that he was stealing from the company? (situational)
  93. Tell me about a time when you felt it might be justifiable to break company procedure.
  94. To what extreme do you use liquor?
  95. Would you be willing to take a drug test?
  96. Would you submit to a drug test?
  97. Can you give me an example of one of your failures?
  98. Did you have any problems in your previous jobs?
  99. Have you ever been put on the spot by a professor when you felt unsure of yourself? How did you respond?
  100. Have you ever been turned down for a salary increase?
  101. Have you ever missed a deadline?
  102. How do you deal with failure?
  103. How often do you miss deadlines?
  104. Tell me about a situation that you just couldn’t handle.
  105. Tell me about a situation when miscommunication created a problem on the job.
  106. Tell me about something in your last job that you’re not proud of.
  107. What are your biggest failures in relation to your career?
  108. What are your weaknesses a person?
  109. What are your weaknesses as an employee?
  110. What are your weaknesses?
  111. What have been your greatest disappointments?
  112. What have you done that you regret?
  113. What was the greatest disappointment in your last job?
  114. What was the worst mistake you made at work? How did that affect the company?
  115. What were your biggest failures?
  116. Have you ever had a demanding supervisor?
  117. Tell me about the worst boss you’ve ever had.
  118. What are some areas you disagreed with your supervisor?
  119. What would you say about a supervisor who was tough to work with?
  120. What would you say about a supervisor who was unfair?
  121. Did you ever have a customer get mad at something that wasn’t your fault?
  122. Have you ever been openly criticized?
  123. Have you ever been reprimanded?
  124. How do you deal with rejection?
  125. How do you handle people who are critical? (or How do you handle rejection?)
  126. What has been the biggest criticism of you?
  127. What have you been most frequently criticized for?
  128. What would you say if I said your presentation was awful?
  129. When has your work been criticized?
  130. What about your performance do your bosses tend to criticize most?
  131. What are some problems you found in your job?
  132. What decisions are difficult for you?
  133. What difficult problems have you dealt with?
  134. What do you think are the biggest challenges you’ll face in this position?
  135. What do you worry about?
  136. What do your subordinates consider your weaknesses?
  137. What duties did you find the most troublesome?
  138. What is your greatest weakness?
  139. What is your worst personality trait?
  140. Can you work under pressure?
  141. Did you ever have a customer get mad at something that wasn’t your fault?
  142. Do you have experience working under strict time limits?
  143. Do you work well in pressure situations?
  144. Do you work well under pressure?
  145. Does your present job have a lot of pressure?
  146. Have you any experience working to meet deadlines?
  147. Have you ever worked in a place where it seemed to be just one crisis after another?
  148. How do you cope with stress on the job?
  149. How do you deal with tension?
  150. How do you work under pressure?
  151. How effective are you under pressure?
  152. How well do you work under a deadline?
  153. How well do you work under pressure?
  154. How would you clarify an unclear assignment?
  155. “If you had a project due and a co-worker wanted to talk about something else, what would you do?”
  156. “In what kind of a work environment are you most comfortable: structured, unstructured, etc.”
  157. In what kind of work environment are you most comfortable?
  158. In what ways do you deal with criticism?
  159. Is there a lot of pressure in your current job?
  160. Tell me about a time when you were assigned an unwelcome job. What did you do?
  161. Think of a particularly hectic day. How did you handle it?
  162. Under what type of conditions have you been most successful at any project?
  163. What do you find frustrating?
  164. What do you find tough to do?
  165. What happens when two priorities compete for your time?
  166. What has been the most difficult decision you’ve had to make in the last 3 years?
  167. What has been the most difficult situation you’ve had to deal with? How did you handle it?
  168. What is your definition of stress?
  169. What major problem have you encountered and how did you deal with it?
  170. What major problem have you encountered and how did you handle it?
  171. What major problem have you encountered? How did you resolve it?
  172. What methods do you employ to overcome challenges?
  173. What part of your workload do you find most challenging?
  174. What pressure situations have you been involved with?
  175. What tense experiences have you had on the job?
  176. What was the environment at your last job like?
  177. What was the most frustrating thing about your last job?
  178. Do you enjoy working on difficult projects?
  179. Do you have accomplishments you are proud of?
  180. Do you have initiative?
  181. Have you ever accomplished something difficult?
  182. Have you ever accomplished something you did not think you could?
  183. How have you shown initiative?
  184. How have you shown willingness to work?
  185. Tell me about a time when you went beyond the call of duty.
  186. Tell me about accomplishments of which you are the most proud.
  187. Tell me what initiatives have you undertaken recently?
  188. What challenging accomplishments have you had?
  189. What are some examples of important recommendations or decisions you’ve made recently?
  190. What are some of your recent accomplishments in your current job?
  191. What are the five biggest accomplishments of your life?
  192. What are your major accomplishments? Your failures? Your disappointments?
  193. What challenging experiences have you had?
  194. What difficult challenges have you solved?
  195. What difficult problems have you worked through?
  196. What do you consider to be your most important accomplishment and why?
  197. What has been your greatest accomplishment? Your greatest disappointment?
  198. What have been the most memorable accomplishments of your career?
  199. What have been your biggest accomplishments?
  200. What have been your greatest accomplishments?
  201. What have been your greatest disappointments?
  202. What initiatives have you undertake recently?
  203. What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?
  204. What is the most difficult task you have undertaken?
  205. What is the most important accomplishment in your life?
  206. What is the most challenging thing you have ever done?
  207. What is the most stimulating thing you are looking for in a job?
  208. What is your greatest accomplishment?
  209. What is your most significant accomplishment?
  210. What is your proudest accomplishment?
  211. What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction?
  212. What was the job’s biggest challenge?
  213. What was the most/least challenging part of the job?
  214. What was your greatest accomplishment?
  215. What was your greatest disappointment?
  216. What was your most significant accomplishment in your last position?
  217. What were your most memorable accomplishments with your last employer?
  218. Are you willing to take risks?
  219. Describe a significant risk you took to accomplish a task.
  220. Describe how you can take risks to accomplish tasks.
  221. What kinds of risks do you face when implementing a new initiative?
  222. What risks have you undertaken recently?
  223. What risks did you take at your previous job?
  224. Are you a self starter?
  225. Are you a competitive person?
  226. Describe two things that motivate you at work?
  227. Describe when you felt motivated to do your very best work and did.
  228. Do you enjoy challenges at work? If so, what kinds of challenges have you recently faced.
  229. Do you feel motivated in your current job?
  230. Do you feel motivated to work harder?
  231. Do you work to achieve your objectives? If so, describe how hard.
  232. Does competition increase your desire to succeed?
  233. Have you received any recognition for significant accomplishments at work?
  234. How important are promotions and advancement to you?
  235. How important is challenge to you?
  236. How important is recognition to you?
  237. How important is responsibility to you?
  238. Is recognition important to you?
  239. Were there any special difficulties you overcame in achieving these accomplishments?
  240. What are your motivations?
  241. What challenges are you looking for in a job?
  242. What do you get out of completing difficult tasks?
  243. What has your last employer done that motivated you to work harder?
  244. What have you done that shows initiative and willingness to work?
  245. What have you done which shows initiative and willingness to work?
  246. What kinds of responsibilities are important to you in your work?
  247. What makes you put forth your greatest effort?
  248. What motivates you?
  249. What motivates you in a job and in your personal life?
  250. What motivates you in accomplishing difficult tasks?
  251. What motivates you to be successful in your job?
  252. What motivates you to put forth your best effort?
  253. What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort?
  254. When do you put forth your greatest effort?
  255. Would you describe yourself as motivated more by your goals or by money?
  256. Are you successful in completing projects at work?
  257. Describe what success means to you.
  258. Describe situations in which you are most successful.
  259. Do you feel you have been successful in your job?
  260. Do you generally think of yourself as a risk-taker or someone who plays it safe?
  261. How do you define ‘success?’
  262. How do you determine if you are successful?
  263. How have your successes benefited your previous employer?
  264. How would you describe your standards of performance?
  265. How would you evaluate success?
  266. Tell me about your recent successes.
  267. To what do you attribute your success?
  268. What are some of the reasons for your success?
  269. What do you think has contributed most to your success so far?
  270. What does ‘failure’ mean to you?
  271. What does ‘success’ mean to you?
  272. What is your definition of success.
  273. What projects have you recently completed successfully?
  274. Why are you better than your co-workers?
  275. Why are you successful?
  276. Would you define yourself as a self-starter?
  277. Would you rate yourself as an overachiever?
  278. Do you achieve all of the goals you set? If not, why not?
  279. How could you have improved your progress?
  280. What weaknesses have you overcome when accomplishing difficult tasks?
  281. A fellow employee told you what his/her salary is and wants to know yours. How would you react and what would you do? (situational)
  282. Describe a conflict with an employee and how you handled it.
  283. Describe a complex problem you solved.
  284. Describe a work situation in which you were not proud of your performance. What did you learn from this mistake?
  285. Describe an important goal you have set and tell me how you reached it.
  286. Describe how you have been able to apply something you learned from your degree program to a real-life or work-related situation.
  287. Describe a (recent) project in which you failed? What did you learn from this?
  288. Describe a (recent) situation in which you asked for advice?
  289. Describe a (recent) situation in which you asked for help?
  290. Describe a (recent) situation in which it took several tries or approaches before you were able to figure out what was going on.
  291. Describe a (recent) situation in which you had to quickly establish your credibility and gain the confidence of others. What did you do ?
  292. Describe a (recent) situation when you didn’t know who you needed to speak with in an organization too get something done. What did you do ?
  293. Describe a (recent) situation when you were able to identify a conflict between two individuals and were instrumental in the solution to that conflict. (skills)
  294. Describe a (recent) situation when you worked in a team environment.
  295. Describe a (recent) situation in which what was really going on with someone else was much more complicated than it might have seemed on the surface.
  296. Describe a (recent) situation on your last job that you did not handle as well as you might have.
  297. Describe a (recent) situation that you just couldn’t handle.
  298. Describe a (recent) situation when miscommunication created a problem on the job.
  299. Describe a (recent) situation when you were confronted by a difficult problem and how you solved it.
  300. Describe a time when you had to take on something very new or different and you had little or no guidance and support in doing so. How did you handle it ?
  301. Describe a time when you organized a project where your directions were vague?
  302. Describe a time when you simplified or clarified a situation by putting your finger on the key issue.
  303. Describe a time when you went above and beyond the call of duty.
  304. Describe a time when you accomplished a challenging goal.
  305. Describe a time when you accomplished a difficult goal.
  306. Describe a time where your performance went above and beyond expectations.
  307. Describe how you work under pressure. Do you anticipate problems effectively or just react to them?
  308. Describe how your (office/department/company) is organized.
  309. Describe how you would handle rude, difficult or impatient people.
  310. Describe how you have handled rude, difficult or impatient people.
  311. Describe projects that have required accuracy and attention to detail.
  312. Describe situations you have been under pressure in which you feel you have handled well.
  313. Describe projects you have been involved in the last few years.
  314. Describe techniques you’ve used with great success in your field. Have you ever managed people in the positions you’ve held?
  315. Do you feel you can ask for help?
  316. Do you feel you can assist others in their jobs?
  317. Explain how you overcame a difficult situation.
  318. Finish this sentence: Successful managers are the ones who….
  319. Given a situation when you disagree with your supervisor, how would you deal with it?
  320. Has competition had any positive or negative impact on your achievements? How?
  321. Have you ever been absent from work? If so, how often?

JOB DESCRIPTION: Martial Arts Instructor



To implement the missions and the goals of this school through the teaching of martial arts.


Guides students and prospective students through the various levels of curriculum introductory, group and private Lessons. Is skilled in performing and teaching levels of curriculum up to and including Black Belt levels. Maintains a high level of enthusiasm and positive reinforcement in the classroom.

Solicits prospective students both inside and outside of the school by distributing guest passes, asking for referrals and using other prospecting techniques approved by school; records prospect information on prospect cards and files cards in an orderly system;

Assists Admissions Director in following up on all prospects with effective telephone and mail contact to help them to join.

Assists Admissions Director in upgrading existing students to memberships of greater value by adding family members and converting Trial Memberships to Black Belt Club Memberships; conducts Progress Checks for prospective Black Belt Club Memberships.

Coordinates with Admissions Director to qualify prospective Black Belt Club students. Creates desire for all students to attain Black Belt levels.

Assists in keeping students and prospective students motivated throughout their lessons. Encourages students to maintain regular class attendance and regular practice at home. Knows all students by their first name.

a Has thorough understanding of criteria for student belt examinations; implements school requirements; fills out all necessary paperwork; meets daily, weekly, monthly. and quarterly instructing goals.

Prepares for, attends and participates in Staff Meetings; successfully masters concepts for effective Martial Arts instruction; continues to improve instructing techniques through additional training, role playing, studying of MATA videos and related material.

Completely masters the application of all instructional methods approved by the school.

Constantly evaluates instruction strategy to identify improvement areas. Strives to apply knowledge and application of all instructing skills in order improve measurable instructing performance, such as attendance percentage, number of examinees, retention and number of Black Belt candidates.

Maintains complete knowledge of school history, philosophy, and policies; maintains thorough knowledge of local and national industry trends; maintains thorough knowledge of competitors, including location, curriculum, tuition, and promotion strategies – including instructing techniques.

Maintains impeccable levels of personal physical fitness, attitude, and appearance. Must be advancing toward next rank in Martial Arts.

Assists in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of school; maintains cleanliness and organization of classroom and locker rooms.

Influences other staff members to perform at their maximum capability; motivates and inspires co-workers.

Performs various other duties and assignments as necessary or required.


At least 16 years of age; requires an outgoing personality with the ability to effectively communicate and inspire; must be Black Belt with previous teaching experience.

Requires a sincere interest in self-improvement and continuing education. Requires the ability to maintain a high level of enthusiasm on a daily basis and strong desire to help others reach their goals.

Requires the ability and desire to learn more about Martial Arts, interpersonal communication, and teaching techniques. Requires a personal commitment to living the principles of Black Belt Excellence and total and patient dedication to the progress of the student, regardless of age, gender or athletic ability.