We’d like you to train our 4,200 employees. How much will that cost?

We’d like you to train our 4,200 employees. How much will that cost?

How would you respond to that inquiry? Chris Sutton of COBRA-Defense responded with a proposal and got a signed contract from a Fortune 100 company yesterday. I don’t know the figures, but you can imagine that it’s probably a bit more than starting a new Little Dragons class.

How does COBRA get these kinds of deals? Because COBRA is in the BUSINESS of self-defense.

Imagine that you are the HR person for a major corporation looking for active shooter and workplace violence training. Do a search for self-defense. Here is what you will probably find.

  1. A martial arts school that includes self-defense as a benefit. This is usually not enough. If tae kwon do is the focus and self-defense is just another benefit, that doesn’t build confidence.
  2. A guy in a tank top with tattoos on his muscular arms growling at the camera. That is more gangsta than corporate.
  3. A website full of dragons and hieroglyphic logos. I doubt they are looking for Dungeons and Dragons.
  4. A professional website with a corporate look and appeal. That is the COBRA site that each COBRA licensee gets as part of the membership. Here’s an example: http://cobradefensemiami.com

If you would like for self-defense to be a revenue generator rather than a theoretical benefit, COBRA is the way to go. MATA members get a $400 discount on the license. Find out more here.