How to Optimize Local Business Listings for Your Martial Arts School

Each time you create a structured local business listing, whether at Google, Facebook, Yelp, or elsewhere, you’ll be filling out a form with a specific set of fields.

  1. It’s important that you keep these listings consistent from site to site. For instance, it’s a mistake to list your address as Park Street on one site and Park St. on another site. Make them both Park Street.
  2. Lable your images and videos with your keywords. For instance, rather than WMV2224.mp4 change that title to fitness kickboxing in largo, fl.
  3. With your domain name, you typically will have “url destination” and a “display url.” The destination should be your full address: . Your display url should leave off the http:// and just go with the domain name in caps.
  4. Be sure to pick the best categories and if you can choose more than one, do so.
  5. Insert your keywords into your description and use as many characters as allowed.
  6. For your social media listings, try to get vanity names that include your business name.
  7. Tagline. Come up with a good tagline or slogan. For my karate school, I used, “A Tradition of Excellence.” For COBRA-Defense I use, “When you need self-defense, nothing else will do.”

  1. Business name/title:
  2. Address: DO NOT list the street address. Just Holiday, FL 34691
  3. Phone number: (800) 707-3280
  4. Website URL:
  5. Categories: Self-Defense School. Self-Defense Training. Safety Training.
  6. Description: Self-Defense classes in Tampa Bay. Beginners welcome. No experience required. Our COBRA-Defense programs are law enforcement based. There is no martial arts protocol. No uniforms. No belts. No bowing. This is a “Police Academy For Civilians.”

Our self-defense classes for adults include Active Shooter Training, Teen, and College Student Self-Defense, Real Estate Agent Self-Defense, Executive Self-Defense, Half-Day Self-Defense Camps for Adults, and our 5-Week Self-Defense Academy.

Our self-defense classes for children include Half-Day Self-Defense Camps for Kids, Anti-Bullying Workshops, and Anti-Abduction Workshops.

We also offer custom Self-Defense Training for Groups, Families, and Individuals. 

 We conduct self-defense classes nearby in Tampa Bay, Florida and travel worldwide to teach our active shooter response training to corporations and campuses. Our real estate agent safety programs are popular self-defense classes for female and male agents. Many clients tell us we have the best self-defense training. This is not Krav Maga or MMA. This is reality.

7. Tagline: When you need self-defense, nothing else will do.

8. Social profiles: FACEBOOK: