New Student Package

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Students are ready to purchase items at the time of enrollment. This opportunity is often overlooked by school owners. Prepare a “New Student Package” with items that your students will both want and need in the next several weeks. For example a second uniform, safety gloves, patches, school T-shirt and equipment bag. First price out the items at retail then discount the package by 10 – 20%. 

During your enrollment conference, present the package directly following the sign up. In other words your new student just agreed to enroll on the 12 month program. Before they write the check for the down payment say the following and at the same time present a paper with the package listed – “I would just like to mention our “New Student Package.” 

As a new student there are some items you will need in the near future. These include a second uniform – since you will be taking several classes a week most mom’s like to have a second uniform so you don’t have to do laundry every day. 

Who Buys from Your Pro-Shop?

There are three groups of shoppers who will frequent your Pro Shop – students, family members and the general public. The ideal location for your Pro Shop is in the entrance area of your school.

You want every student and parent to pass by or through the Pro Shop area every time they come to your school. Also, keep in mind that a well stocked Pro Shop will also attract students from other area schools if their schools do not have a Pro Shop or if those schools fail to maintain enough mer- chandise in stock.

When locating your Pro Shop in the entrance area be sure that there is a free flow of traffic. If there is congestion in the area shoppers might not wait or they may feel rushed when shopping. A highly congested area will also make viewing items in your showcase difficult.

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