How to Build a Successful Self-Defense Business with the COBRA Self-Defense Business System

How to Build a Successful Self-Defense Business with the COBRA Self-Defense Business System

Interested in joining COBRA-Defense to learn how to become a professional self-defense instructor? Go to and tell them John Graden from MATA sent you for a discount on your license fee.

Recently, I shared that the 2018 MATA Instructor of the Year, Sidney Burns, had a client pay him $25,000 for a year of weekly private COBRA-Defense lessons.

Below, you can read the post of another COBRA owner who had a man pay $9,500 for 10 hours of COBRA training for him and his wife. He is flying his daughters down to get the same training for the same price.

You may have noticed that I didn’t say that COBRA has the best headlock escape. Instructors do NOT join COBRA to learn self-defense. They join because only COBRA teaches how to make a serious income teaching self-defense and the market is hot for self-defense training.

COBRA is a self-defense business system. It’s not a style.

COBRA-Defense Mastermind World Conference

On June 7th and 8th, COBRA will be hosting its first COBRA-Defense Mastermind weekend in Miami. The workshops are all built around how to market self-defense not how to defend against a choke.

The bad news is that attendance is restricted to COBRA-Defense licensees. The good news is that you can join COBRA with a $400 discount if you are a MATA member and attend this ground-breaking event. I will be there.

Learn more about MATA and COBRA.

Learn More About the Conference

Post from COBRA Licensee Joe Robaina of COBRA-Defense Miami.

COBRA Elite Clients Shatters Logistic Boundaries:

Michael L flew down from Louisiana with his wife Catherine for 10hrs of COBRA Elite Client Training. He initially only enrolled himself but then asked if he should enroll his wife as well.

We invited her to participate in the first 45-minutes of training and together they could decide if it would be a good idea for her to get trained. No Hard Sell.

They gladly invested $9.5K for the training experience and are flying their college-bound daughters down for the same this summer.

What we’ve learned:

1) Your Elite Clients will travel and pay to avail themselves of the training IF you can communicate clearly you can solve their problem.

2) COBRA Elite Client Training is a practical and effective solution for non-locals or those who cannot commit to 20 hrs of a group academy.

That means you’re NOT bound by logistics.

3) Hard Selling Is NOT Part of the Process.

4) Elite Clients across the board are a treat to work with.

5) When you over-deliver on the promise of the training (we’ll show you.), they will tell others and help expand your Elite Client base.