Crossfit is Now Offering an After-School Program

Elementary and middle school age children have to be someplace safe after school. CrossFit centers are starting to see that need and offering a solution. CrossFit is not easy. It’s brutal training, but the owners do not allow kids to join the after-school program UNLESS they do the training.

That is how the Transported After-School Martial Arts (TASMA) program works as well. It’s not babysitting. It’s pure martial arts. The only difference is the kids come to your school five days a week, so their skill level increases more rapidly than a monthly, two-classes a week student.

Like CrossFit, TASMA is not a franchise. It’s a licensing program much like Empower Kickboxing or COBRA-Defense. The flexibility of a licensing program allows them to offer options like an after-school program.

Martial arts schools are perfectly positioned to offer an after-school program. The key is in running like a strict martial arts program rather than a YMCA.

CrossFit Rush in Canada is charging $16.50 per day ($330) per month for their CrossFit After-School Program.

The typical after-school martial arts student is worth $79 – $299 per WEEK. That’s $316 – $1,196 per month. If you’re interested in creating that kind of income while helping your community by providing a great after-school option for families, find out more at