3 Ways to Help Jumpstart Your Martial Arts School After COVID-19

Take this Time to Reflect, Review, and Retool Your School

COVID-19 shutdowns should end in May 2020. That is at the front of the slowest time of the year for martial arts schools. Here are three programs that can help you to get your school back on track fast.

The goal is always to “Turn a negative into a positive.” This shutdown gives you time to reflect, review, and retool your school. You must be PROACTIVE in creating new and exciting programs to motivate your students to come back.

After-School Program

According to CARE.com, the average family pays $238 a WEEK for after-school care. Again, that’s many times more than a standard evening students’ tuition. Next week’s podcast will be devoted to planning, launching, and profiting from a successful after-school program.

Many of your students are ALREADY in after-school programs. Why not pay you instead? It will help the family by combining two destinations, two activities and two bills into one.


COMING SOON: After-School Professional Certification Course

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After-School Downloads

After-School Compliance Quiz

How to Charge for Parents Night Out

Why is Crossfit Now Offerring After-School Programs?

$500k per Year Teaching One After-School Class a Day

Questions to Ask Before Buying into a Martial Arts After-School Program

5 Steps to 50 After-School and Summer Camp Students

Curriculum Upgrade

If you are planning on simply “returning to normal,” you are setting yourself up for a huge letdown. Students will NOT fill your school as fast as they emptied your school. You NEED something new and exciting to attract them back. Empower Kickboxing (EKB) is the ideal curriculum to create excitement about returning to your school. .

Here are some sample lesson plans. EKB classes are for ALL RANKS. The only separation is a kid’s class and an adult class. Otherwise, all ranks train in the same class together. This will dramatically reduce your workload and help students to lock in a weekly attendance schedule that will not change as they move up in rank.


Click to see: How to Evaluate Your Curriculum

Martial Arts Summer Camp Promotional Emails

Martial Arts Summer Camp Promotional Emails

Martial Arts Summer Camp Promo Emails

Send these out starting in January


It’s time to register for YOUR SCHOOL’s Summer of FUN 2020.  Get ready to have fun, make friends, & spend your days in a variety of awesome activities.

Extreme Youth Sports is a sports & enrichment summer camp in YOUR TOWN. Our camp is action-packed and tons of FUN!  Activities include dodge ball, soccer, outdoor sports, indoor sports, hip hop, kid cave, martial arts, educational games, stem activities, art projects, time on our playground & much more! Our staff is level 2 background screened and fingerprinted (the same as a YOUR County school teacher).

The Summer of Fun “entire summer membership” is a full 10-week commitment.  It’s 10 payments of $140.00 a week after your $30 non-refundable deposit. Your deposit is due at the time of registration.

This saving opportunity is only available until March 15th. Any student registering after March 15, 2020, will be subject to the full camp weekly pricing of $157 per week. Weekly sign-ups will be available in the event section of the YOUR SCHOOL app & are subject to availability.

Open House:

Our Summer Camp Open House will be on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 from 6:15 PM to 7:30 PM. Be sure to attend to meet our awesome summer camp staff, add on your field trips, and order your summer camp t-shirts.

Summer Hours:

  • YOUR SCHOOL opens at 7:15 AM and closes at 6:00 PM.
  • Sports and enrichment activities are from 9:00 AM to 4:15 PM.
  • Before care is from 7:15 AM until 9:00 AM.
  • Aftercare, movie time is offered from 4:15 PM to 6:00 PM.
  • We close promptly at 6:00 PM, Late pick up is $1 per minute after 6:05 PM.
  • -Before and Aftercare is included in the weekly tuition.


Camp begins on Monday, June 1st and ends on Thursday, August 6th 2020.

***Week 5 (closed on Friday, July 3rd) *weekly fee is not pro-rated, “entire summer” is sold as a membership

***Week 10 (closed on Friday, August 7th) *weekly fee is not pro-rated, “entire summer” is sold as a membership

Please Note: We offer camp to students in K – 5th grade.

  • Students entering Kindergarten in the fall of 2020 must be 5 on or before June 1st to be eligible.
  • Students who have previously completed 5th grade in the 2019-20 school year are no longer eligible to attend YOUR SCHOOL summer camp unless they were members of our 2019-2020 after school program.

What to wear/bring:

  • Athletic clothes and sneakers with socks are required each day.
  • Sunscreen & insect repellent should be applied each morning prior to camp.
  • Please pack a peanut-free AM/PM snack and lunch. All food must be peanut FREE due to allergies.
  • Campers must bring a refillable water bottle daily to stay hydrated.
  • Snack is sold daily in our Kid Cafe. Bottles of Gatorade & water are also available for purchase.
  • Students without a snack and/or water will be billed $1 per item needed per day.

Additional Info:

  • An optional weekly field trip and an optional weekly pizza party can be added. Field trips and pizza party fees are NOT included in the weekly camp membership fee.
  • Summer camp T-shirts are mandatory for off-site field trips. Field trip shirts can be ordered at our summer camp open house on May 13th. We recommend you purchase 2 shirts for summer camp.

If you have any questions please call or text (555)555-1212  Monday – Friday 10 AM to 6 PM.

We look forward to hearing from you!






There’s no better place to be over winter break Recess than at Urban Martial Arts!

Our day 5 camp runs from Monday, February 17th to the 21st  registration is now open!

 From fun field trips to board-breaking contests, from pizza parties to Nerf gun wars, your child will experience non-stop action, excitement, and fun.

Our Mega Fun Week is open to all kids aged 4 and up, even if they’re not already students at Urban Martial Arts.


Spaces will fill up fast, so save your spot now while you can!




I wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know that Early Registration is now open for the 2020 AMA Summer Camp.

That means that you and our other friends in the Largo and Seminole communities have the first opportunity to take advantage of our limited number of Discount Summer Camp Packages.

They are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. When they are gone, they are gone, so please don’t procrastinate if you are interested in our camp.

Early Registration Expires

When the Limited Number of Discount Packages Sell Out

Discount Packages Include:

$50 Registration Discount:

  • Only $49

$60 Weekly Discount:       

  • Only $139/week

Payment Options:      

  • Weekly
  • 2 Installments
  • Pay in Full

Advanced Scheduling:

  • Reserve Your weeks. You Can Change Them Too!

Friends and Family Discount Program:

  • Save an additional $10 – $20/week

50% Discount on ALL Field Trips!

Plus $170 of FREE Camp Supplies for Your Child:

  • Summer Camp Backpack with Weather Proof ID Card
  • Karate Uniform and Belt
  • 3 Summer Camp T-Shirts
  • 16 oz. Water Bottle
  • Organic Sunscreen for the Entire Summer
  • Safety Wrist Bands for Every Day of Camp

For more information about the AMA Summer Camp

  1. Click Here
  2. Then watch the Summer Camp Overview video
  3. Click the Green Button to Save $170, or the Big Red “Save Money” button
  4. Provide your first name and email address
  5. Complete the information form and I will check to see if we have any discount packages still available, and then personally call you to answer all your questions.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your family.

Let’s talk soon.



Your After School & Summer Camp Programs

Your Martial Arts 

Follow Up Email
It’s so much easier on our staff and our field trip partners. We can organize well in advance which eliminates a lot of last-minute stress.
We can provide our field trip partners with an accurate head count so they can make their plans accordingly.
We can also make sure that we have the promised camp supplies available for our campers before our suppliers sell out. And, we have learned that families who plan early are usually more organized and friendlier to work with. 
Early Registration Expires When the Limited Number of Discount Packages Sell Out
A Limited Number of Discount Packages Include
$50 Registration Discount
  • Only $49
$60 Weekly Discount (4 Week Minimum)      
  • Only $139/week (6+ weeks)
  • Only $149/week (4 – 5 weeks)
Flexible Payment Options     
  • Weekly
  • 2 Installments
  • Pay in Full
Advanced Scheduling
  • Reserve Your weeks. You Can Change Them Too!
Friends and Family Discount Program:
  • Save an additional $10 – $20/week
50% Discount on ALL Field Trips!
Plus FREE Camp Supplies for Each Child ($170 Value!)
  • Summer Camp Backpack with Weather Proof ID Card
  • Karate Uniform and Belt
  • 3 Summer Camp T Shirts
  • 16 oz. Water Bottle
  • Organic Sunscreen for the Entire Summer
  • Safety Wrist Bands for Every Day of Camp
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Watch This and Click the Green Button to Save $170!
For more information about the AMA Summer Camp
Simply click the Big Green Button and I will check to see if we have any discount packages still available. Then I will personally call you to answer all your questions.
Summer Camp Hotline
I’m looking forward to meeting you and your family.

Insurance for Martial Arts Schools

Insurance for Martial Arts Schools

Insurance specifically for martial arts schools includis:

  • Traditional Martial Arts Styles with Light Strikes and Holds
  • Non-contact Kickboxing or Cardio Kickboxing
  • Non-contact Boxing
  • Boxing & Kickboxing Aerobics
  • Weapons Training with Fake or Padded Weapons


Wherever You Are – You Should Be Covered

Whether you operate out of a single club, multiple clubs or even at a public facility such as a local park or activity center, your insurance should have you covered.

Same Day Coverage

Your application can be filled out online and coverage provided the same day!

Summer Camp Insurance

Martial Arts Summer Camp Insurance

It’s very important if you’re holding a summer camp, to reach out to your agent and make sure that your current insurance policy will cover the summer camp.

Your martial arts insurance agent needs to know how many students are going to come and how many hours of the day they are going to stay there. 

If you are taking them off property, you need to tell your insurance company. Make sure your liability waiver states clearly that might be taken outside of the school walls.  

Make sure the parents are signing off that they know their child is going to be off premises. 

When you do have kids for summer camp, make sure to always have two adults in your group of kids. This is important for protecting yourself from sexual abuse or molestation claim.  

If kids are changing clothes, make sure kids of the same age are in the dressing room, changing clothes, versus, kids that are significantly older. 

Make sure that again you are aware of the need to protect the children and supervise the children at all times. 

Also, make sure you’ve done background checks on any extra instructors that are going to be helping you out in the summer.

It’s very easy to perform background checks online these days. Check every volunteer over age 18 that are working with your kids, and that they haven’t had any priors for abusing children. 

Keep a copy in your file that you did everything you could ahead of time to protect your students.

Many martial arts schools experience far more claims related to bodies of water than anything else. Most insurance policies do exclude communicable disease, so that’s something important to be made aware of in your waiver, that you’re telling the parents that the kids are going to be outside.  

Your liability is that you are prepared to administer first aid and that you are prepared to get that child safely the care that they need. 

Make sure your instructors have been trained in first aid and in CPR. Have an emergency plan if you’re taking kids off-site, how you are going to get them to the emergency room, if they fall and break something or if they get bitten by a snake, etc. 

Make sure whatever pool or a body of water you bring them to, has expert lifeguards there, and are trained to administer CPR. 

Summer camps can generate great revenue for your facility, expose new people to your facility, and get more students in the fall. Always be cautious and make sure you have spoken to your insurance carrier. 

Write down all the activities that they are going to do and disclose that to the insurance carrier and the parents.

If you’re going to make thirty or forty thousand dollars over the course of a summer camp and there is going to be an additional premium for two or three hundred dollars, it’s worth it to make sure you have coverage, for all these things that you want to do with kids that aren’t familiar with your normal business.  

Don’t take that liability on yourself. Communicate it to your insurance carrier and make sure they are covering you for those summer camps because they are an outstanding way to grow your business.

Summer camps are great for the kids, it’s great for the parents, it’s great for the business. Just do your homework ahead of time to know what you’re doing and communicate it to the parents and the insurance company.