The Flinch

Learn to physically react to any price. It takes some acting and some practice, but it’s actually kind of fun and boy, does it pay well. 

Ask someone what the widget costs. Whatever they say, your response is, “What? You’re kidding me! That’s twice as much as I expected.” Often, that’s all it takes. 

The guy will drop his price or throw in something extra. At the worst, he knows you are “sensitive” to price. 

Warning: Tell your spouse what is going to happen. Once I flinched at a price, and my girlfriend at the time said, “I got so nervous when you did that. I could never do that.” I had to explain it was all an act. Practice your flinch. 

Be Prepared for the Negotiations

Unless you know the current leasing conditions in your area, it’s a good idea to get some expert help. Invest $100 for a commercial real estate attorney and/or commercial real estate broker known as a tenant rep. Their job is to help you get the best deal possible. 

Landlords typically have their own attorneys, so it’s smart to put your own team together. Tenant brokers can help you find a good location as well as offer ideas, insights, and experience on the current market, rental rates, and other conditions that may work in your favor. 

Once a potential location is found, the rep can help you and the landlord come to terms on the key points of the lease. 

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