Little Dragons Curriculum Example

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Little Dragons uses a half white belt and a half colored belt. To get to the next belt level three black stripes must be earned and the next month they test for the next belt. Testing is every six weeks, so there is 24 weeks between new belts. Our particular program is put together to get students ready for our “regular” children’s program for ages 6-11.

Gold Belt 0-1 Stripe

Elbow Strike #1 ( Reach Back Arm To The Front, Look Over Back Shoulder And Fire Behind You)

Skip Up Side Kick

Guarding Stance, Jab, Reverse Punch Dropping To Back Knee

Gold 1-2 Stripes

Wrist Grab Escape- ( Bring Hands Together, Step and Pull Arm Away going towards the Thumb.)

Combo:Jab, Skip Side Kick

Low Parry Blocks Vs Front Kick Alternating Sides

Gold 2-3 Stripes

Elbow #2 ( Off The Back Arm, Face Elbow To The Ceiling And Bring Over Top On A 45 Degree Angle)

Combo: Skip Side Kick, Jab, Reverse Punch

Low Parry Blocks Vs. Front Kick, Counter Reverse Punch ( Front And Back Arm)

3- To New Belt- Perform All Gold Material And Recite Full Address.

Orange 0-1 Stripe

Elbow # 3 ( Thrown Off The Front Arm, Straight Across Much Like A Hook Punch)

Back Leg Cutting Kick

Dragons Form – Jab, Drop To Back Knee Reverse Punch, Left Side Kick ( Put Both Hands Down On The Ground Near The Right Hip), Left Upward Block, Reverse Punch, Kiai!

Orange 1-2 Stripes

Front Leg Round Kick

Jab, Reverse Punch, Back Leg Cutting kick

Choke hold escape- punch, knee, raise arm up, step away and load up for elbow #1

Orange 2-3 stripes

Jump front kick

Skip up front leg round kick, jab, elbow #2, elbow#3, front leg round kick, kiai!

Switch up front leg cutting kick, jab, elbow #2, elbow #3, front leg cutting kick, kiai!

Orange 3  to new belt-  perform all material and answer questions about what to do if a stranger approaches them and …..

*If you test your students once a month then this curriculum will last you one year. If you test every 6 weeks then this curriculum will last you about 18 months.