The 10 x 10 Referral Strategy

A Referral Machine
The Ten-Times-Ten Strategy

The idea behind the ten-times-ten strategy is for you to choose ten professionals in complementary fields to create a referral machine that builds a steady stream of prescreened, new clients.

The Ten-Times-Ten Strategy

1. Create a spreadsheet for contact information and notes of at least 10 professionals you would be comfortable referring customers and clients to.

2. Send a letter to each professional on your list. (See letter below). 3. Repeat process until you reach 100.
Dear John:

I’d like to include you in my professional referral data base. I’ve attached a spreadsheet with the ten best professionals I know. These are the people I will refer clients to from now on.

As you can see, both of us are on it. All you need to do is add your top 10 professionals to the list and send it back to me. Ideally, they would be 10 different pros.

Send each of them a letter like this and ask them to list their top 10 and return it to you. That will get them on this list, and when the list if full at 100, I’ll send all of you an updated copy of this list.

This way, we can refer to each other and increase business at no charge.

Let me know if you have any questions Thanks!
John Graden

It Gets Even Better

If you want to put this program on steroids, here are the steps.

1. Send a monthly updated list to your network so they will have the latest ‘directory’ of who’s good in the various professions. The monthly email also works as an effective reminder about you and your business.

2. Rather than just sending the list, embellish to give it more value.

a. Invite members to send you a short bio and info on their business.

b. Include an update on your practice and the work you are doing.

c. Mention any special offers by those on the list/network.

d. Invite them to networking events once or twice a year.

e. Create business-building webinars and invite various members to present.

f. Offer to answer any email questions they might have about your area of expertise. Invite them to make the same offer. Just be careful not to overdo it and get stuck giving unpaid consulting all day.