Reopen Strategy for Your Martial Arts School

How to Use Video to Invite Your Students Back to Class

How to structure and deliver a motivating invitation to get your students back in class.

Craft a Video Message for Your Students

Martial arts is visual so use video to engage and motivate your students to return to classes when you reopen.

This is not where you want to promise tuition discounts for families hard hit. While that is a good idea, you don’t want to be locked into any perceived promises on video. Make those offers one-on-one.

Your video should:
1. Reassure that student and family safety is number one and CDC guidelines will be followed.
2. Demonstrate how that will happen.
3. Energize them with the exciting upgrades in the curriculum you’ve made as a result of evaluating your programs during the downtime. Show them how YOU turned a negative into a positive.

Here is an example video message.