Black Belt Club Renewal Script

Black Belt Club Renewal Script

Make copies of this script and rehearse the presentation with your staff members.

Student Manager –

Mrs. Jones, how do you feel about Joey’s progress?

Parent –

We’re real pleased. He loves karate.”

Student Manager –

That’s great, we sure enjoy working with him. Do you think the training has been good for him?

Parent –


This is too general an answer for our needs. We have to probe a little deeper and peel away some layers with a follow up question.

Student Manager –

How so, specifically?

Parent –

Well, his teacher sent a note home saying how much he has improved in his conduct. His grades still need some work but he seems to be learning some respect

The parent is now selling herself on the program’s success.

Student Manager –

That’s great. How does Mr. Jones feel about his training?

We must determine if dad is on our side or will he be an obstacle to this program upgrade.

Parent –

At first he wanted Joey to play soccer but I think he’s coming around. “The other night he asked Joey to take the trash out and Joey said “Yes Sir.” I thought his dad was going to fall over.

Student Manager –

What would you like to see Joey get out of his karate?

Parent –

Well, I want to see his confidence and self control continue to improve.

This tells us the specific slant we want to emphasize in our presentation.

Student Manager –

We believe that confidence is the result of accomplishment. In our case, the goal is black belt. Has Joey discussed black belt as a goal with you?

Parent –

Oh yes. He wants it.

Student Manager –

And how do you and Mr. Jones feel about that goal? Do you support it?

Parent –

Yes. If it’s what he wants we’re all for it.

This is another test close. This question helps us avoid spousal deferment. She just said dad is for black belt so she should be able to go ahead without having to “talk it over with him.”

This is the signal to go ahead with the presentation. If she says dad is unsure, you may want to bail out until you can get dad on board.

Black Belt Club Overview

This is the application of the information we gathered earlier

Student Manager –

That’s important because in our years of training students to black belt, we know family support and participation is a critical factor.

As you know, Joey has been nominated for the National Black Belt Club. The Black Belt Club is a national affiliation of top level students like Joey, who are dedicated to earning their black belt. The Black Belt Club is not for students who just train just for fun, or miss class and don’t try as hard as they could. The students are recommended based upon three areas:

  1. They have great attendance. This shows enthusiasm and discipline.
  1. The have a black belt attitude. The black belt attitude is an attitude of high personal standards.

Just like Joey improving in school and saying “yes sir” to his dad, we can see that Joey has really embraced the black belt attitude.

He’s already setting higher standards for himself and that’s great to see. Imagine what he’ll be like when he earns his black belt.

Here, we reiterated the benefits she told us she has seen in Joey.

  1. Finally, and probably the most important, the student has to be committed to earning his black belt and have the family’s support and according to you that’s the case.

When a student commits to black belt, we double our commitment to the student. Here’s how it works.

As a member of the National Black Belt Club, Joey will receive a number of special privileges including:

Use the BBC Benefit Sheet

This patch, membership card and a special certificate designating his Black Belt Club membership. This is important.

Joey has worked hard and this let’s him know that people are noticing his hard work. We want him to know that there are rewards for giving it his best and that we are all behind him.

He will also be able to attend our special Black Belt Club events such as the upcoming nunchaku seminar Saturday. We only teach this type of material to students who share the black belt vision.

You will be able to come to more than two classes. On Friday nights we have our Black Belt Club class. In the class we work on techniques outside of the normal class routine.

Here, he’ll learn about weapons and musical forms and maybe even some advanced material before the rest of his class. This is a very exciting program. I know Joey will love it.

You will receive a discount on one training item per month. We know that Black Belt Club students might have an interest in special training equipment so we discount one special item each month just for the Black Belt Club members.

You will be able to wear a special uniform. This red uniform is a source of great pride for the kids. When they step on that deck with a red uniform on it’s like driving a red Porsche. It also works as a reminder to them about the commitment to black belt excellence.

It’s amazing to see how students can improve in a short while just because of the new pride they get from wearing that uniform and the special Black Belt Club patch.

The Black Belt Club belt has a black stripe down the center and it too, sends a message out.

Also, when we have a special event Black Belt Club members always get at least a 20% discount on the fee.

Finally, to make sure Joey is progressing through the ranks, their are no belt exam fees for National Black Belt Club.

When a student is as committed as Joey is to earning his black belt, we don’t want anything to slow down his advancement especially a test fee.

Tuition Arrangements And Close

Present this with no change in tone or pace.

That’s a pretty good overview of the privileges of the National Black Belt Club. Here’s how it works..

Joey has been training now for four months. Most students earn their black belt in 42 months, so he has about 38 months to go. Now this is no guarantee that he will make his black belt. He’ll have to earn it, which is exactly how we want it.

Your current tuition had a down payment of $149 and then $69 per month. At two classes per week his tuition averages $9.08 per class. With the additional classes as a Black Belt Club member, his average class tuition will drop to $7.50 per class.

His Black Belt Club tuition has a down payment of $249 and then his monthly tuition will be [YOUR TUITION] per month for the next 38 months starting next month.

We’ll cancel his current program and replace it with this one. All it takes to get him started into the Black Belt Club is the initial enrollment of $249.

SHUT UP! At this point let them respond with a question or an OK. Do not say another word until they speak first.

Objections are merely questions the student needs to ask in order to feel comfortable about moving forward with the offer:


What is the $249 for?

This doesn’t mean she can’t afford it. It means she’s interested enough in the program to inquire further.

Student Manager

The 38 months we estimate until his black belt at [YOUR TUITION] per month equals about $3200 as the total investment over the period of time. The $249 is a down payment towards that amount. How does the [YOUR TUITION] work for you?

“How does the [YOUR TUITION] work for you? ” is a comeback question/test close to regain control and isolate any financial concerns. By getting her to agree to the [YOUR TUITION], then it just a matter of working out the $249.


The [YOUR TUITION] is fine I just don’t know about the $249 (objection).

Student Manager

OK, let’s make sure I understand. The monthly tuition is fine but the $249 represents a challenge for you. Is that right?

This is a feed-it-back test close technique to check the validity of the objection. She may say “No, it’s not a problem I was just curious,” and renew.


The feed-it-back technique followed by listening very closely for information and buying signals is critical at this stage of the presentation.)


Yes, I just bought new tires.

Student Manager

I understand. So if we could work out the $249, Joey would get to be a member of the National Black Belt Club?

Test close to get her to commit to moving forward. This is important. Not only have we isolated the objection, but we’ve got her commitment to renew if we can overcome the objection.

If we didn’t ask this question, then she may follow with another objection and we’d be right back where we started.



Student Manager

OK…How much do you think would be a comfortable amount tonight?

If she gives you the price she can put down, she is committing to moving forward with the renewal. This is another test close.

It’s also important that she gives you the price instead of you asking for an amount. Any price she gives is a final sign of closure.


I can put half down now.

Student Manager

When do you think the other half would work?

ParentProbably about two weeks.

Student Manager –

OK, today is the 7th. So tonight we deposit $124.50 and then by the 21st we’ll have the other $124.50 in. Is that correct?

It’s important not to seem anxious. You want to make sure all the arrangements are very clear. When she agrees with the arrangements, she is agreeing to renew.

Parent –


Student Manager –

Fine. Here is what we can do in a situation like this. If you write a check for $124.50 to get him into the National Black Belt Club, and then write a second check for $124.50,

I’ll hold it here in the drawer until the 21st before I deposit it. This way, I can tell the billing company (good guy, bad guy) that Joey is fully registered and he can immediately get involved with the National Black Belt Club.

Parent –

Thank you.

While this may seem like a “too smooth” presentation it really isn’t. Most, if not all of the questions you asked in the information gathering segment should have been covered already in your office chats and student progress survey.

Like a good attorney, you don’t want to ask any questions that you don’t already know the answer to. You review the questions again to keep them fresh in the parent’s mind. Your job is to help the parent sell themselves on the benefits of the program by asking questions that draw these benefits out.

If, during your office chats and surveys, you get a negative answer to any of the qualifying questions then you simply go to work on correcting the challenged area.

You do not set a BBC appointment with this person. That’s why the target list of A, B, and C students is so important. You don’t make presentations to C’s and you make very few, if any, to B’s.

Only make an BBC presentation to students who are highly qualified to join.

If you make a presentation to a less than qualified student, you come off as money hungry. The student knows they don’t qualify and they can resent being “pitched” on a new course. Plus, you will lose credibility with the other students in, or considering getting into the BBC. The BBC suffers a loss of prestige if you start to water it down by pushing unqualified people into the program.