Summer Self-Defense Course For Teachers

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Due to the recent trend of violent behavior in school, school administrators and teachers are becoming increasingly concerned about safety in the classroom.

Generally when we hear of teachers being attacked by their students, we think of this atrocity happening only in inner-city, crime-infested areas. In reality, this behavior can happen anywhere – even in small towns.

Sadly, this type of activity is not just limited to high schools, it can happen in the younger grades as well.

Therefore, an opportunity exists to promote a summer self-defense course for teachers. Not only does this course help to give teachers more confidence and a cushion of safety as they enter into the next school year, it also helps to increase your cash flow and get you through the summertime slowdown.

Begin by creating an information package on your self-defense program. Include your biography and information about your school. You might also do a little write-up on the benefits of learning self-defense and how it can help to protect them should an attack occur.

If you’re located in a less dangerous area, you’ll need to work harder at convincing teachers that they need to take your self-defense course. You may need to research some attacks that have taken place outside of the inner-city environment, so that you can provide them with some statistics.
Speak with school administrators at the schools in your area. They are very concerned with teacher safety. If you can get the backing of the school administration, you’ll have a much easier time getting teachers to sign up for the course.

This course can be accomplished in one four-hour class. You can charge anywhere from $49.95 to $99.95 depending upon your market.

Therefore, if you can sign up just 25 teachers, you’ll have increased your summertime cash flow considerably.

Another thought might be to offer a substantial discount to teachers that sign up for your self-defense class by a certain date. This creates a sense of urgency in the minds of your potential customers.

If you get a positive response from these seminars, you might consider offering a self-defense seminar one Saturday or Sunday each month throughout the summer.