10. Chris Sutton: Do Martial Arts Really Work for Self-Defense?

Do Martial Arts Really Works for Law Enforcement?

Do Martial Arts Really Work for Law Enforcement?

Learn why COBRA-Defense was created by Chris Sutton

How would your martial arts skills work for you as a maximum-security prison guard, street cop, or county sheriff?

Joe Lewis black belt Chris Sutton has trained in nearly a dozen different martial arts styles and he also held each one of those jobs. His first fight with an inmate was over a Reeses Cup™. Find out if his martial arts training helped or hindered him.

Also, learn how the Police Academy 10-week training program compared to his martial arts training.

Here are more show notes from this fascinating interview with Chris Sutton.






:38 Corrections officer

:40 Care, custody, and control of some of the worst criminals in the world

1:05 Law enforcement boot camp for felons

1:40 Maximum Security Prison Guard

1:43 Street cop

1: 50 Talking to crime victims

2:00 Capturing criminals

2:10 What they will kill you for

2:30 Did martial arts help or hinder your job?

2:40 Gets into a fight over Reeses Cup

3:10 Inmate gets knocked out

3:35 Chris went to 13 different public schools in Tampa Bay as a kid

3:48 Using martial arts against violent criminals

3:58 Feelings during a real fight

4:25 Cobra was developed to be market-friendly, easy to learn with maximum impact

4:40 What you learn in the Police Academy

4:44 Why does it take 4-5 years to earn a black belt yet Police Academy graduates go straight to the streets

4:50 What he created in COBRA

5:30 Why COBRA is designed for everyone to progress together

5:35 How he decides what to teach and include in the course

5:45 What is different about COBRA vs Krav Maga

6:52 If you need help today, who would you call to help market your self-defense program?

7:50 Companies that call COBRA for training

9:00 COBRA in contrast to what’s out there

9:15 Living a life of quiet desperation not making money

9:30 How would you teach a real estate safety seminar

9:40 How COBRA tests programs before releasing them to members

10:30 What support COBRA provides for instructors

11:00 What a new member gets when they join COBRA

11:30 Do you need a school to teach COBRA

12:00 How to create income 24 hours a day

12:10 What succeeds at COBRA and who tends to fail

13:30 The income potential for COBRA

14:00 The difference between selling yourself vs selling your program

15:10 Some COBRA success stories

16:00 The house that COBRA built

16:16 You don’t need to attend a COBRA certification seminar

17:15 The importance of following the COBRA system

Hosts & Guests

John Graden

Tony Robbins

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7. Chris Sutton: What Qualifies an Instructor to Teach Self-Defense?”

MATA Podcast Episode 7

Interview with Chris Sutton Part 1

Interview with Chris Sutton, founder of COBRA-Defense explains why it is critical to understand, on a deep level, what the source of any self-defense training is.

Episode 7: What Qualifies an Instructor to Teach Self-Defense

 Show Seven–Chris Sutton Interview 1

Heads up that my first question to Chris Sutton may seem rude, but it’s the question you have to ask of anyone professing to teach self-defense.

It’s also the question you have to ask yourself if you are promoting yourself as a self-defense instructor or expert.

Imagine if you are on national TV with millions of people watching. The reporter introduces you as a self-defense expert. He turns to you and asks, “Why should we listen to you?” What would you say? 

“Well, I’m a black belt in Karate.” How do you think that would fly? Not far I assure. I asked Chris Sutton because I knew, that without any warning, he would answer the question with the best possible answer.

Teach Like a Pro Tip from John Graden

The Principles of an Authoritative Instructor:

These lessons are straight from the MATA Certification Course at MATACertification.com

This lesson helps instructors retain student’s attention by not over-explaining.

Chris Sutton, COBRA-Defense Founder Interview 

Who he learned martial arts from on TV

Learn the difference between a real self-defense lesson and a martial arts self-defense lesson.

What is the best way to reduce the learning curve.

The time that police officer Sutton shot a guy in the head who then shot a child.

Why foul language, embarrassing students, and even hurting them is not necessary in a self-defense class.

How an “attention diversion drill” can make a parent cry watching his or her child.

How to give students instant value and reprogram their mind before they ever learn a physical move.

What is missing from martial arts that COBRA has?

How martial arts respond to the question, “Who are you training your students for?”

How to describe what you offer to prospects

The difference between military and law enforcement training

What is Killer School?

What three brothers have left footprints on Chris’s head?

Why would Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines need active shooter training?


martial arts podcast

Hosts & Guests

John Graden

Tony Robbins

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How to Earn $9,500 for 10 Private Lessons with the COBRA Self-Defense Business System.

How to Earn $9,500 for 10 Private Lessons with the COBRA Self-Defense Business System.

Recently, I shared that the 2018 MATA Instructor of the Year, Sidney Burns, had a client pay him $25,000 for a year of weekly private COBRA-Defense lessons.

Below, you can read the post of another COBRA owner who had a man pay $9,500 for 10 hours of COBRA training for him and his wife. He is flying his daughters down to get the same training for the same price.

You may have noticed that I didn’t say that COBRA has the best headlock escape. Instructors do NOT join COBRA to learn self-defense. They join because only COBRA teaches how to make a serious income teaching self-defense and the market is hot for self-defense training.

COBRA is a self-defense business system. It’s not a style.

COBRA-Defense Mastermind World Conference

On June 7th and 8th, COBRA will be hosting its first COBRA-Defense Mastermind weekend in Miami. The workshops are all built around how to market self-defense not how to defend against a choke.

The bad news is that attendance is restricted to COBRA-Defense licensees. The good news is that you can join COBRA with a $400 discount if you are a MATA member and attend this ground-breaking event. I will be there.

Learn more about MATA and COBRA.

Learn More About the Conference

Post from COBRA Licensee Joe Robaina of COBRA-Defense Miami.

COBRA Elite Clients Shatters Logistic Boundaries:

Michael L flew down from Louisiana with his wife Catherine for 10hrs of COBRA Elite Client Training. He initially only enrolled himself but then asked if he should enroll his wife as well.

We invited her to participate in the first 45-minutes of training and together they could decide if it would be a good idea for her to get trained. No Hard Sell.

They gladly invested $9.5K for the training experience and are flying their college-bound daughters down for the same this summer.

What we’ve learned:

1) Your Elite Clients will travel and pay to avail themselves of the training IF you can communicate clearly you can solve their problem.

2) COBRA Elite Client Training is a practical and effective solution for non-locals or those who cannot commit to 20 hrs of a group academy.

That means you’re NOT bound by logistics.

3) Hard Selling Is NOT Part of the Process.

4) Elite Clients across the board are a treat to work with.

5) When you over-deliver on the promise of the training (we’ll show you.), they will tell others and help expand your Elite Client base.