How to Improve Your Martial Arts School’s Local SEO Results

How to Increase Your Martial Arts Schools’ SEO by Increasing Your Level of Expertise for Google

Here is a simple test. In an incognito window, type

What you should see looks like this.

martial arts school seo technique

The 632 is the number of pages that our site has. It actually has about 5 times that, but that’s not the point.

You want to DOUBLE the number of results your competitor has. How can you find out what that number is?

Type in and see the results COMPARED TO YOUR RESULTS.

How To Create Content for My Martial Arts Website?

Do you have a budding writer, maybe a teen who would enjoy writing articles related to the school and what it teaches on a regular basis?

You could give the writer the title of “Communications Officer” or something to feel special. Ideally, you would do the writing, but you can recruit help.

We could do this for you if you’d prefer. Just let us know.

The writer would author a 400-750 word article a week, bi-weekly or monthly with an image or video. The articles would use a focused keyword in the title and once in the body. This would help a lot with your local SEO.

The articles would be posted on:

  • Google Business Profile
  • Linkedin
  • FB
  • Website blog
  • Youtube
  • Social Media

Topics could include:

  • Short profile/interviews with students, parents, staff
  • Upcoming special events
  • Why do we….?
  • How to practice
  • How to get the most out of your membership to the school
  • News stories to comment on.
  • Someone benefits from martial arts
  • Self-defense situation
  • Bullying advice

Again, we can do this for you if you’d prefer. Just let us know.