Drills for Classes

Drills for Classes

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Video Drills and Demos

These are somewhat more challenging than practical. They are designed to help increase athletic ability.

From pool noodles to kicking pads here are some practical and creative drills to keep classes interesting.

Here are some more practical and creative drills to keep classes interesting.

Drill-Toss and Punch

The following drill is a great drill to develop the type of speed called reaction time. Reaction time is how fast you decide that you need to act and how accurate you were.

Begin this drill by having the students form two lines down the center of the floor facing a partner. Have one side toss a square punch target at the other students. The other side is to react to the pads being tossed by punching the pad back to other students.

Have the students toss the pad side ways so to decrease the surface area of the pad so the students have to react more accurately.

Drills-Fast Defense

In this drill we want the students to understand that a fast and simple defense is always the best.

Begin by having the students spread out around the classroom and face a partner.

Side A is going to throw a jab or cross at Side B. Instruct side B to use the fastest and simplest defense, which would be a parry. Perform 5 to 8 repetitions and then switch sides.

Next, switch techniques to have Side A throw a low front kick, and Side B to counter with a simple shielding motion. Perform 5 to 8 repetitions and then switch sides. Remember to emphasize how easy, fast, and effective this defense is.

Finally, have Side A throw a high round kick at Side B’s head. Teach the student a simple, easy to apply, and fast cover motion to block the kick. Perform 5 to 8 repetitions and then switch sides.

Drill-Spinning Back Fist

Begin this drill by teaching or review with the students a spinning back fist. Next line the students up in drill lines.

At the end of the lines have your instructors hold a piece of striking film vertically. On the striking film draw a red dot or circle about 3 to 4 inches in diameter.

As the students move through the lines and reach the instructor, they are to execute a spinning back fist to the striking film, focusing to hit only the red circle.

Explain to the students that by spinning with the back fist we increase the difficultly of hitting their target of the red circle, making them concentrate and focus harder.


Line the students up in small groups around the floor.

Name the groups A, B, C, etc. Tell the students that they are going to inspire themselves and others to be excellent through healthy competition.

Begin with a simple kicking combination like the combination: slide up front kick, back leg front kick, and jumping front kick.

To start the drill, call out the letter for the group when you want them to go.

Rotate through all of the groups. Challenge them in between repetitions to continue to increase their energy and performance.

Keep the energy high. Remind the students that with hard work, the proper attitude, and confidence in themselves, anything is possible.