Typical Summer Camp Revenue Streams

Martial Arts Summer Camp Revenue Streams

There are many reasons to host a summer camp. Increased revenue is one of them.
  1. Weekly tuition ($129 – $325 depending on your location)
  2. Daily snacks (50 kids purchasing $2 in snacks is $100 a day)
  3. Safety equipment ($100+)
  4. Uniform ($40. Suggest 2 to make laundry easier)
  5. Exams ($45 per belt. Kids typically will advance one belt in the summer)
3 Reasons to Host a Summer Camp

3 Reasons to Host a Summer Camp

3 Reasons to Host a Martial Arts Summer Camp

3 Reasons to Host a Summer Camp

While regular martial arts classes can dip in attendance over the summer with students going on vacations, there are still plenty of families that need a safe, structured place for their children to be at Monday – Friday. Here are three strong reasons why to promote and host a summer camp. 1. Tuition Income According to Care.com, the average rate for a sports camp ranges from $500 – $1,000 per week. On the lower end, a summer camp hosted by the local community recreation center can be a little as $50 per week. Most martial arts schools range from $75 – $275 per week for an 8 – 10-week summer camp. Here is what the income potential is for a $149 per week camp. This doesn’t include snacks, exam fees, uniforms, and sparring gear.

Weekly tuition   Students         Weekly tuition    Weeks                Total Tuition $149.00                      10                      $1,490.00            10                      $14,900.00 $149.00                      15                      $2,235.00            10                      $22,350.00 $149.00                      20                      $2,980.00            10                      $29,800.00 $149.00                      25                      $3,725.00            10                      $37,250.00 $149.00                      30                      $4,470.00            10                      $44,700.00 $149.00                      35                      $5,215.00            10                      $52,150.00 $149.00                      40                      $5,960.00            10                      $59,600.00 $149.00                      45                      $6,705.00            10                      $67,050.00 $149.00                      50                      $7,450.00            10                      $74,500.00

2. Feed Your After-School Program. One of the main reasons schools host summer camps is that a high percentage of the kids in the camp will transfer into your after-school program. 3. Massive Retention If you host an exciting summer camp, you have a great chance of enrolling the kids into your after-school or regular evening classes. However, there is a big difference in retention. Evening/standard classes struggle to keep kids for even 8 – 12 months. However, because an after-school program is structured to be part of the weekday routine, the kids stay with the program for years. It’s not uncommon for kids to stay with your after-school program for 5 – 8 years. They just get used to it like going to school each day.

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