Typical Summer Camp Revenue Streams

Martial Arts Summer Camp Revenue Streams

There are many reasons to host a summer camp. Increased revenue is one of them.
  1. Weekly tuition ($129 – $325 depending on your location)
  2. Daily snacks (50 kids purchasing $2 in snacks is $100 a day)
  3. Safety equipment ($100+)
  4. Uniform ($40. Suggest 2 to make laundry easier)
  5. Exams ($45 per belt. Kids typically will advance one belt in the summer)

Running the Numbers on a Martial Arts Summer Camp

Running the Numbers on Martial Arts Summer Camps

These figures are hypothetical for a three day camp example:
Number of students planning to attend: 125

Camp charge per student: $50

Total cost for facility: $6,250

You have seven instructors at your disposal at no charge. However, with 125 students attending, you’ll need to hire at least eight more instructors at $75 per day, which equals $600.

Total cost so far is $6,850 plus $500 for incidental cost equals $7,350. Divide that by the number of students attending, and cost per student comes out to $58.80. If you charge $150 for a three day camp, your profit on 125 attendees will be $91.20 per student.

Gross revenue $150 x 125 = $18,750

Expenses $58.80 x 125 = $7,350

Profit = $11,400 or $91.20 per attendee

To figure the expenses and profit on a five-day camp, just update the numbers and follow the same formula.

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