Boosting T-shirt Sales

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T-shirts are the worlds most popular form of clothing (at least that we can see). Most of us have drawers full of t-shirts adorned with rock concerts, tournaments, states, cars and commercial companies all pushing a place, a product, or a name.

  1. Expand your line and design choices.

Most schools typically have one or two t-shirts designs. Once a student has bought both why should he buy any more? The answer of course is Boosting T-shirt Sales

he won’t he won’t that is unless you expand and offer a full line of t-shirts. That doesn’t means offering 5 or 6 shirts with designs right away. It means creating a look built around your logo. That look can be changed and altered as long as you don’ t change the logo. NEVER CHANGE YOUR LOGO from one product to the next. Same colors, same image ALWAYS. Your logo is your brand, don’t mess with it. However, you could have a special black belt graduation t-shirt with all the new black belts names on it.

Just remember that when Nike t-shirt or Reebok create a new t-shirt, they use a new supporting image or slogan, but the logo stays the same. They might change the color, but rarely even that. The design is built around the logo or accented by the logo.

Everyone needs clothing, so why not provide a quality line of t-shirts with your schools logo on them and sell them to everyone you can?

  1. Use summer rules to sell more shirts

During the summer months allow your students to come to class wearing gi pants, belt, and a logo t-shirt instead of the regular full uniform. This will stimulate t-shirt sales especially if you promote this by newsletters, letters, notices and mentioning it in every class.

  1. Suggest that all demo team or competition team members wear a specific shirt.

Tell all demo team members, competition team members or any other special program you may have to wear the same t-shirt or Polo style shirt when going to an event to show team spirit. Suggest that all the proud parents get into the spirit by doing the same.

  1. Have a sale once or twice a year to move old merchandise.

At the end of each new season do what real department stores in the mall do. Have a sale and clear out all your old designs to make room for next seasons designs. The fashion business is based on new not on doing the same old thing year after year.

You must introduce new designs at least once a year to give your student an parents something fresh to look at. A word of caution though. It is better to run a little short and miss a few sales than to have over ordered and have to fire sale your inventory to get back to even.

A few cycles of that and students will simply wait for the items to go on sale to buy.

  1. Display t-shirts in your window just like a mall store.

Put a t-shirt display in the window during the summer months if it’s done well enough you will often attract the attention of passers by. You may even enroll people from off the street who came into the school with the intention of buying a t-shirt they liked.

  1. Use t-shirts as a premium to sell more expensive items.


Because t-shirts are such a valuable marketing tool it pays to use them occasionally as promotions and incentives to stimulate sales in other items. For example you might give away a free t-shirt with the purchase of a video or a heavy bag.


  1. Staff team colors.


If you have a line of t-shirts, have your staff wear different designs on different day to promote the full range of products. If you notice in doctors or dentists office you will often see this type of thing in action just because it look professional like the whole staff is on the same team. For example.


Monday – Blue Logoed Polo shirt

Tuesday – Logo t-shirt

Wednesday – White polo shirt

Thursday – Multi logo t-shirt

Friday – Black belt club t-shirt

Saturday – Red polo shirt


  1. Shirt of the month club.


One school we know of has a t-shirt of the month club where each month for an extra ten dollars the student gets a new t-shirt. While that might be a bit much for you, you could try introducing a new design each quarter and making it the shirt of the quarter.


  1. Introduce a separate line of t-shirts for Black Belt Club members only.


By introducing a separate line of Black Belt Club designs you can create a market with in a market and enhance the status and desirability of your Black Belt Club. This works best if you have a specific logo for your Black Belt Club.


  1. Consider your shirts a marketing expense that pays twice.


Remember apart from the obvious financial benefits of selling more t-shirts and making a profit everyone who buys a t-shirt becomes a walking billboard for your school and you can never have enough of them! You get paid when they purchase the shirt, and hopefully, you’ll get paid again when a new student enrolls because he discovered your school on the shirt of his friend.

Risk Free T-Shirt Marketing for Your School


Wouldn’t it be great to be able produce and sell t-shirts for your school and events that would make you money with zero risk? Here is the answer. 

Teespring allows you to design your own shirt, offer a variety of styles and colors, PROFIT from each one sold and handles everything from shipping to customer service.

There is a low threshold of shirts that have to be sold. Typically that level is 5 shirts have to be sold before any are shipped. If they don’t sell, you have zero cost or risk.

Create shirts for your school, style, special teams, events, intra-school tournaments and so on. You could even have t-shirt design contests for your students.

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