Twitter for Media Marketing

Twitter is communication at the speed of the Internet, 140 characters at a time. You can connect with like-minded people and share news about your school or event with students, prospect, and the media. 

Twitter can be used to connect with the media, in particular, your local media. Most of your local TV news programs, radio stations, and newspapers have joined the Twitter craze. They use Twitter to give news updates, weather forecasts, show reminders, and connect with residents. They also peruse Twitter for local stories of interest. You could be that local story of interest or the local expert they want to interview.

Here are the steps you can take to capture your local media’s attention on Twitter:

• Make sure to include your general location in your Twitter bio. Local media outlets will be more likely to follow local residents than nonlocal residents.

• Include your school or event information in your bio.

• ReTweet their Tweets as often as you deem worthy.

• Tweet about your school or events daily. It could be as easy as tweeting a “Self-Defense Tip of the Day.” Why? Because you never know when your local media may need to call on a local self-defense expert. By establishing yourself as an expert, they will know wher to turn when they need you.

• Stay on their radar by using the @reply button whenever appropriate. Talk to them. Let them know when you find a particular newscast or story interesting

• While Twitter can help you connect with the global community, it can also help you make connections with your local media and grow your fan base

Use Twitter for Marketing Your School

1. Use Twitter to drive people to your school’s website. Tweet about interesting resources you‘ve posted on your blog or website. Reports/articles/e-books on “How to Choose a Good Martial Arts School” and/or “Ten Myths About Self Defense” are good examples of what to offer.

Tweet about it, linking back to the school’s website to read or download it. Encourage people to start tweet about it to their followers on Twitter.

2. Monitor your school and your competitors on Twitter. Using the Twitter Search tool (, you can search and track what people are tweeting about your school, competitors, or any other news or trends in the martial arts. 

3. Use the Twitter “Favorites” feature as a list of school testimonials. When you hover your mouse over an individual tweet in your Twitter stream, a few options appear, including the option to ―Favorite the tweet. 

When you click the little star that appears, it turns yellow, and that tweet gets added to your ―Favorites‖ tab. 

As you track what people are saying  in Twitter Search, add the positive tweet to your Favorites. Public, third-party testimonials are valuable validations of your school. Solicit testimonials from your students both past and present. The next time someone asks about your school, send them the link to your Favorites page.

The URL for this page will be


4. Use Twitter to promote your events, demos, and/or media appearances. Tweetups are a great way to get to know your Twitter community offline. The next time your school holds an event, fundraiser, or open house, tweet about it! Best practice is to send people directly to an event sign-up page.

5. Use Twitter to promote new belt exams. Twitter users love new toys, especially if they create some sort of outcome, grade, or analysis of the person using the tool. Make the results of your tool/grader as easy to tweet as possible. Students love being recognized for their progress. Tweet them to the world!

6. Establish yourself as a martial arts celebrity in your area. Again, self-defense tips and myth busting are great ways to establish your expertise. Also, a series of tips for anti-bullying can help break down the barriers we typically have in trying to reach public schools. Be sure to link to your own resources as well as others.

7. Use third-party Twitter platforms to divide the work. Are you thinking that all of this Twitter monitoring and participating sounds like a whole lot of work? Third-party Twitter platforms like CoTweet and HootSuite can make managing a corporate Twitter account much easier. These platforms allow teams to better manage multiple contributors tweeting through one account.

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