How to Improve Uniform Sales

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A great way to sell uniforms without any pressure and a good profit is to allow your students to wear different colored uniforms at different levels of training. This not only increases sales but retention as well.

Martial arts may be the only activity in the world the discourages students from upgrading their apparel. Think about it. White belts, the most nervous, self-conscious person in the school is usually stuck with the worse quality uniform.

The belt is sticking straight out, the folds are still in the uniform. Then we tell them we are going to improve their self-confidence! Of course, anything would be better than this! We’re kidding (a little).

Truthfully, many schools have traditional rules and reasoning for being restrictive in what students can wear. We respect that. Maybe, instead of changing colors, you upgrade the quality instead.

Help a new student get into a better uniform fast. They will feel better in class when they look better. Of course, some will argue that humility is part of the training, and we agree.

Being a white belt and struggling with all the new terminology, techniques, stretches, exercises and rituals will humble the best of us. Letting them wear a nicer uniform just helps them focus more on what is really important, learning the next belt level material rather than feeling like they look silly in a cheap uniform.

Other ideas include special uniforms for your demo team, leadership team, instructors and staff. Even if you must stick to an all white or black uniform, maybe you can have white with a black stripe or colored collars to create appeal for an upgrade in uniform.

Some schools build the new uniform into the belt requirements. For instances, by the time you test for your gold belt in three months, you’ll need at least the level 2 uniform for $49.95. Other schools allow a student to purchase a uniform that matches their belt rank.

This only makes sense at certain ranks like blue belt or red belt. We don’t want to encourage a world of gold, green, or orange uniforms. But, at a significant milestone rank, a matching uniform is an interesting idea.

Remember to make sure your uniforms are customized with a screen print logo on the back, or a quality aplicay so that your students are not tempted to buy a uniform from any other source than your school.

If you sell just two gi’s per year per student at an average of $30 profit and you have 200 students that’s an extra $12,000 in net profit from gi sales alone! Just think what you could do with an extra $12,000 and it takes almost no effort!

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