16. Tongue Fu-Martial Arts for the Mouth

This particular episode is for everyone, not just martial artists.

If you use words to interact in your daily life, then you need to learn Tongue Fu.

This a universal system for dealing with words from other people either face to face, online, or via gossip.

As someone who has been teaching public speaking for three decades, I often hear people refer to a study from the 1970s that determined that communication is 55% body language. 38% is the tone and sound of the speaker’s voice. And the remaining 7% of communication comes from the words spoken. The conclusion? Words are only 7% of communication.

The study has been debunked as junk science. If it were true, we would not need the politically correct language police that has stifled communication over the past decade.

Interestingly, those obsessed with “offensive” language often describe their hurt with the most vulgar words in the English language.

The truth is that words matter. Words are essential, and your grasp and ability to use the right words will have a massive impact on your ability to communicate.

As martial arts instructors, we use words to motivate, inspire, correct, and discipline students. We use words to sell our programs. We carefully use our words when dealing with parents upset because you failed their child on a belt exam.

What most of us DO NOT teach is how to use words to avoid confrontation in daily life from family interactions, schoolyard dialogue, or a serious threat that could lead to a fight.

This is why I am so excited to introduce you to Tongue Fu. Tongue Fuis the brainchild of my guest Sam Horn. I’ve read Verbal Judo, The Gentle Art of Verbal Defense, and Tongue Fu. Tongue Fu was by far the most effective, easy to learn and easy to teach program.

The principles of Tongue Fu is an intricate element in the Empower Kickboxing curriculum. 

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