Testing Fee Paid in Advance

The Advance Testing Fees strategy offers students the opportunity to save on their grading fees by paying them off in advance. If your fee is $40 per exam and a green belt has seven exams to pass before the black belt exam the student will have $280 in total fees. You can offer them the opportunity to pay for them all in advance for a non-refundable discount of up to 50%.

How much of a discount is up to you, but you want to make sure the student understands that this offer is non-refundable. This helps to motivate them to stay in class should they consider quitting.

You may want to limit this offer to certain ranks or clubs such as the Black Belt Club. Or, you may want to target students who have reached or are near your highest drop out rank. 

For instance, if you tend to lose students at green belt, getting 50% of their exam fees may actually be more than you would have received if you waiting for the students to test and pay 100% since some of them will drop out and never pay you another fee again.

Also, a student may be leveraged to keep training rather than drop out because he or she has paid the advance testing fees.