Text Marketing

Text Marketing

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Texting Basic Strategy

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You want text messaging to be part of your overall marketing and communications platform.

Text messaging has to be used wisely because people do not like being marketed to on their phone. However, text is great for capturing information, schedule changes, and shut downs due to weather or emergency circumstances.

Here are some important terms to understand.

Short Code

A short code is a 5 digit number, such as 26786, that is unique to a text messaging platform


This is the unique word, such as defense, that connects your school with your text messages.

QR Code

A QR Code is a square box with a unique pattern. People use their phone to scan the QR Code which triggers a series of actions you’ve set the QR Code to execute.

Mobile Landing Page

This is a page that you set up to take visitors to that can capture their information, show a video, images or take them to your main website.

For Example

You’re doing a demo at a local mall. You announce, “Text defense to 26786 to get two trial classes and a t-shirt for free. We have flyers or you can just scan the QR Code on the flyer.

This expands your options for capturing people. Many people pick up a flyer and never do anything with it. By getting them to text in, you capture their information and respond with a link to your website for more information.[/text_block]

Mobile Landing Page Example