Orange Theory is a high end fitness club that has been using our text messaging platform to create new clients. You can see the contest here: Orange Theory Contest 

Text messaging and marketing is much less expense than you might think.

While Orange Theory is using text for marketing, many martial arts schools will find that text messaging is the most effective way to communicate with your students.

How do you reach your entire student body to let them know of a change in schedule or weather cancellation?

I see this message all of the time on Facebook. “Classes are cancelled due to bad weather.”

There are many situations where you need to instantly communicate with students, staff, or student parents.

Introducing the Mobile Contact Controller. Now you can text or send a voice broadcast to your entire school at the click of a button.

Best of all, you can do this for just $1 per month! The service is really just a buck a month. We’ve also negotiated a crazy deal for text credits at just $10 per 50 contacts.

That’s NOT $10 per month, it’s per 50 contacts.

You can use this service for staying in touch with your families and / or use it to capture mobile leads when people scan your QR code or text your keyword.

  • Running a tournament
  • Assign a QR code to each division and have text competitors their ring number and time.
  • Group text your officials
  • Group text your competitors
  • Attending a Tournament
  • Group text your schools competitors
  • Update them on results
  • Group text the post tournament plans (dinner, party etc…)
  • Schedule Changes or Class Cancellations
  • Blast a text to everyone at once.
  • Group text your staff
  • Group text your leadership team
  • Group text belt test reminders

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