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  1. Dan Cuthbertson

    That was very insightful. I have a similar story, even down to the Joe Lewis influence on my instructor, Escalante. I am on my 43rd year of teaching and am excited about future modifications. Thank you for sharing your personal challenges.

  2. LT Wimberley

    No one should instruct based solely on their Art or instructors. That would just be mimicing what they had been told to do. Instructing is not a repeat what I do,, it is an interpretation adapted to the student based on many factors..
    I have been an educator for 5+ decades. Martial Artist for 4+ decades. Acquiring 3 degrees and 2 teaching credentials.
    It takes more than a course to be a good educator, and more than physical abilities to be a Martial Artist.
    I wish you well in your trade…I am curious what your program includes considering one of my degrees is a Masters in Education.
    Teaching as well as learning is a life long talent and endeavor.

    • John Graden

      You can see course content at