Do you think the gi hurts or helps to promote martial arts to adults?

Play to listen. This was heard by approximately 14-million listeners.

The Gi is not an issue with kids as much as adults.

One of my schools was next to an aerobics studio. I was at lunch with the owner when she said, “Some of my students walked over and watched your class. One said, ‘That looks interesting.’ Another woman said, ‘Yeah, but look at what we’d have to wear.'”

That is not the only time that I’ve heard complaints about the gi.

I coined the term “black belt eyes” as the natural tendency for school owners to look at their school through the eyes of a veteran black belt instead of a potential student.

Many women WILL NEVER put a gi on and/or take a class in their bare feet.

That has NOTHING to do with “lack of discipline or tradition.” It’s pure black belt eyes. You came up wearing a gi and you like it. It’s what you’ve always worn to class.

Here are two of the latest examples of why the gi needs to go.

Video 1. Watch a nice BBC profile on a very pretty girl in a very ugly outfit.

Video 2. Listen to a short audio clip from Sean Hannity as he describes his MMA training to Bill O’Reilly, who teases him about his “little white outfit.”

Question: What do you think? Should the gi go?