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Do not criticize the person, critique the performance.

Do not criticize more than you praise.

Do not get angry.

Do not use profanity.

Do not let your critiques outnumber your positive, directing comments.

Do not ramble.

Do not forget to have a sense of humor.

Do not make your staff afraid to make mistakes.

Do not allow your staff to operate in a praise vacuum.

Do not go into a meeting without a clearly defined desired outcome and a plan for achieving it.

Do not forget your staff needs attention and praise as much as they need instruction.

Do not fail to encourage your people to take action, massive action, when it comes to servicing customers.

Do not let a week go by without having a wrap-up meeting of discussing the positive progress to date.

Do not forget to clearly define the outcome you desire in every meeting.

Do not forget that staff training is as important (or more important) as any other job duty you have.

Do not forget to make it fun!


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