There are many reasons to host a summer camp.

Increased revenue is one of them.

  1. Weekly tuition ($129 – $325 depending on your location)
  2. Daily snacks (50 kids purchasing $2 in snacks is $100 a day)
  3. Safety equipment ($100+)
  4. Uniform ($40. Suggest 2 to make laundry easier)
  5. Exams ($45 per belt. Kids typically will advance one belt in the summer)

John Graden
John Graden

John Graden is widely credited with leading the martial arts school business into the modern age. He is the founder of the first successful professional association and trade journal. MA Success editor John Corcoran first called him a “visionary” in 1995. Martial Arts World magazine dubbed him, The Teacher of Teachers. Mr. Graden’s leadership was recognized in many mainstream media outlets including a cover story on the Wall Street Journal, documentaries on A&E Network, and as a guest on the Dr. Oz Show and many others.