How to Grow a Martial Arts School



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    Learn how text marketing has "grown up" in the past decade.

    Text marketing is nothing new. What is new is that after nearly a decade of trial and error, schools have discovered exactly how to use texting to enhance and expand their marketing.

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    Learn how text enhances and expands marketing for martial arts schools

    1. Direct mail is expensive, slow and often thrown in the trash without a glance
    2. Telephone calls are often ignored, annoying, and intrusive
    3. Emails are usually viewed as impersonal and disregarded as spam
    4. Texts are 100% opt-in and opened within 3-minutes 97% of the time

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    Learn why texting needs to be part of your marketing platform in 2017.

    If you have belt exams, demos, presentations, Facebook ads, Adwords, birthday parties, after school programs or virtually any marketing or communications with current students and/or prospects, texting is a highly effective tool.

John Graden

Jeff Cohen

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