How to Give Level 10 Service

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Level 10 Service is When…

  • The walls are clean, and the school smells great.
  • The staff is clean and they smell good.
  • You get immediate recognition upon entering the school.
  • The staff practices active listening, despite distractions.
  • Everyone on the staff smiles and gives polite greetings.
  • The staff makes promises, and then follows through on them –fast.
  • The staff asks your name and then remembers it.
  • The printed materials are colorful, professional, clean and well designed.
  • You get thank you cards for your patronage.
  • Everyone on the staff greets students by name, and ask if they can help in any way.
  • The staff is friendly and treat students and their families like they’re the most important people in the school.
  • All of the events at the school are clearly posted, regularly announced and expertly run.
  • The curriculum is loaded with value.
  • Students leave the school happier than when they walked in.
  • The staff takes their time to ask you about your life outside of the school, and acts as if they’re interested when you tell them.
  • Students are shocked at how personable and well trained everyone is.
  • The gear you want is always in stock, and it’s the best.
  • Students feel that they’re getting 10 times the value that they’re paying for.