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Blood and Guts Dojo

This is John Graden’s true coming-of-age story. It’s like The Karate Kid meets Breaking Bad with drugs, sex, and murder all set in a 1970s karate school.

“I am impressed with this wonderful book. It is as exciting as any motion picture thriller. I was VERY IMPRESSED with his point of view while relating the sometimes shocking stories.”
By Clark E. Hodges

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Meet the Author


Meet The Author

John Graden

John Graden

Professional Speaker, Author & Mastery Coach.

A world Champion Kickboxer John Graden was dubbed the Teacher of Teachers after he created the first professional association and trade journal for the martial arts industry.

The author of many best-selling books including Who Killed Walt Bone? and The Impostor Syndrome, Graden’s books reflect what he says he’s learned through many seasons of life.