Why Include Martial Arts in Company Exercise Programs

Happy Employees Are More Productive Employees

No, this is not some ancient Chinese proverb, just good ol’ common sense. Employees appreciate feeling appreciated by their employers. If people know that you care about them, and you make them feel as though their health is important to you, it will do wonders for their morale, and in turn, the health of your company.

Provides Good Therapy

Everyone knows that exercise does wonders for relieving stress. However, employees say, that there is something particularly satisfying about punching a big padded target – especially after you’ve had a frustrating day at work.

Improved Energy and Work Stamina

One of the nice by-products of practicing the martial arts is increased stamina. Studies have shown that fit employees stay at the top of their game longer than those that are less fit. When you are in shape, you just think sharper, move quicker, and are an all-around more productive person.

Healthy, Energetic Employees May Mean Reduced Insurance Rates

Companies nationwide are enjoying the many benefits of promoting health and fitness among their employees. It actually makes a significant impact on what companies consider to be the most important factor in their business – the bottom line. 

That’s right, when employees engage in the martial arts, the result is healthier, happier employees. Healthier, happier employees mean fewer visits to the doctor, reduced absenteeism, and a more productive workforce.

Will Help To Create A More Flexible Employee

Flexibility is just one of the many benefits that martial arts training offers to employees. Increased flexibility helps to reduce the back and neck strain injuries that can occur in the workplace – whether the employee is a desk jockey, or does heavy lifting in a warehouse. 

Martial arts works to slowly increase a person’s level of flexibility, thus reducing the risk of injury. 

Martial Arts Helps To Develop Confidence In Employees

Offering martial arts classes at company fitness centers, provides employees with the opportunity to learn simple self-defense techniques without having to commit themselves to a serious, hard-core program at a martial arts studio.

Just knowing that they can protect themselves, if the need should arise, can create an air of confidence in an employee.