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the Martial Arts Teachers' Association

Universal teaching principles and pedagogy that will elevate your professionalism.

Below is a Free sample course module. The entire course and others are coming soon.

MATA Certification

The Martial Arts Teachers' Association (MATA) certifies students in universal teaching methods recognized on the highest scientific, academic, and real world classroom sources.

Rise Above the Competition

The world of martial arts is extremely competitive. You have so many schools all offering a similar benefits and competing to gain new students. How can one instructor stand out and differentiate from the crowd? By taking the extra step to rise above the competition and increase your professional education and standing in your community.

Belts are Not Enough

An instructor certification from the MATA will build upon everything you have learned as a martial artist. Your knowledge will expand, and you will learn a whole host of advanced teaching skills and tactics. You’ll learn how to work with children and parents. You’ll reduce risk and increase retention. Most of all, you will increase your professional standing in the eyes of your current student body and your community.


martial arts instructor certification

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martial arts instructor certification

Sample Course Module:
The Principles of an Authoritative Instructor

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Welcome to the “Martial Arts Teachers Certification” Course.  My name is John Graden and I will be taking you through this course.

Upcoming Training

Each module contains many lessons and will finish with a quiz. You will have to score a 75% or higher to be able to progress to the next module. Upon successful completion, your certificate will be mailed and you will be officially certified.